Sri Lankan students showcase their culture

Photo: Gregor Richardson
Photo: Gregor Richardson
Thareni Luxmanan (left) and Shreya Das perform a traditional bharatanatyam dance in praise of Lord Shiva at a Saturday night cultural performance hosted by the University of Otago Sri Lankan Students’ Association.

President Priyanka Rajakumaran said the show, titled "Black Lion" and interspersed with six dance performances, aimed to showcase Sri Lankan culture and engage the  university community with the association.

"This year the show  ...  followed two main characters, Jehani and Sharanyaa, on their journey to find the ‘Black Lion’ a.k.a. Merrill Fernando, the founder of Dilmah Tea."

It was conducted with help from the Natyaloka School of Indian dance and the Indian Students’ Association, Ms Rajakumaran said. 

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