Consultation begins on speed limit plans

The Dunedin City Council began consulting residents yesterday on changes to speed limits in 12 city streets and new 40kmh variable speed zones during set hours outside five city schools.

Speed limit changes are recommended on John Wilson Ocean Dr, Logan Park Dr, Magnet St, Factory Rd, Wingatui Rd, Rutherford Rd, Portobello Rd, St Ronans Rd, Rosehill Rd, Bruce Rd, Friends Hill Rd and Halfway Bush Rd to make them safer and more consistent with other speeds in their areas.

Carisbrook School, King's High School, Queen's High School, Kaikorai Valley College and Wakari School are being considered for 40kmh variable speed zones.

Transportation engineer Diana Munster said the council had begun contacting residents on the roads where the speed limit changes were proposed and had been working closely with the schools where a variable speed limit was proposed.

A request to reduce the Blackhead Rd speed limit from 80kmh to 50kmh had been turned down because it fell outside the scope of the review.

It would be looked at again after a government review of speed limit-setting legislation was completed in late 2014 or early 2015.

A request for the speed limit section of Main South Rd between Sunnyvale and Fairfield to be reduced from 70kmh to 50kmh was also turned down because the current speed limit was considered appropriate for the present layout and use, she said.

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