Police dog bites teenager accused of burglaries

A teenager accused of three burglaries over the weekend was apprehended by a police dog team, receiving a bite in the process.

Acting Inspector Craig Dinnissen, of Dunedin, said the 18-year-old was seen at an address in Great King St before jumping over a fence.

He was then reported to have committed a burglary in North Rd before police were called and he was tracked by dog units, Isnp Dinnissen said.

"And due to his aggressiveness he received a bite."

The youth, who also had a warrant out for his arrest, received medical treatment immediately after.

Also at the weekend in Canongate, near central Dunedin, police received a report of a man being bundled into the boot of a car.

However, when officers made inquiries, those allegedly involved would not disclose what happened, and other than that "no one was talking,"  Isnp Dinnissen said.


One cannot help pondering that should police standard operating procedures be amended such that ALL apprehended buglers where well bitten by police dogs before the judiciary begin scheduling their counselling (and other such pampering), we might actually start seeing a decrease in such crimes, and potentially a decrease in K9 feeding bills.