Woman who bit partner’s daughter’s leg ‘happy she got the bash’

A woman who bit a teenager’s leg was "happy she got the bash", a court has heard.

Sasha Marie Kerr, 32, appeared in the Dunedin District Court this week after pleading guilty to two charges of assault in a family relationship.

The court heard that on June 17, 2023, Kerr was intoxicated and when her partner’s 19-year-old daughter arrived home, the defendant had an argument with her about shoes.

Frustrated, the victim went to the bathroom, but Kerr chased after her.

She punched and kicked the teenager as she tried to get into the bathroom.

The victim managed to deflect the blows before Kerr lost her balance and fell over.

While Kerr was being held down, she wrapped herself around the victim’s leg and bit down on her thigh.

The victim’s father intervened by standing in the doorway to keep the woman away from his daughter.

Kerr began punching and scratching at the man’s face. He tried to pull her away. During the scuffle, he accidentally stood on her finger and broke it.

Kerr responded by biting his calf.

When police told the defendant she was being charged, she replied "Oh, who did I assault? Please tell me I assaulted [the victim]".

She explained the male victim was her partner and the teenager was "his b.... of a daughter. I’m happy she got the bash".

Judge Jim Large said the way Kerr behaved was "despicable".

Intoxication did not in any way justify or excuse her behaviour, he said.

The judge sentenced Kerr to five months’ community detention and 18 months’ intensive supervision.