DCC launches 'Dunedin Sound' initiative

Being put on hold by the Dunedin City Council may no longer be a painful experience.

The DunedinNZ Spotify channel, launched last week, aims to evoke nostalgia and stimulate curiosity about the city, by compiling playlists of the "Dunedin Sound" from the past and present.

The playlists are tailored for certain places, events or topical issues related to Dunedin and will be curated by invited guests.

Enterprise Dunedin director John Christie said the council worked with background music providers so Dunedin music from the Spotify channel could be played across council venues and events, for example on outdoor stages or as on-hold music.

It was hoped the playlists would reach Dunedin people all over the world.

It was a project Mr Christie's team had been working on for a while and launching it in New Zealand Music Month seemed ideal.

The playlists were compiled in association with Scott Muir, a local music industry specialist.

- By Gus Patterson

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