Groyne proposal to be explored

Jules Radich
Jules Radich
A report into the viability of returning wooden groynes to Dunedin’s Ocean Beach will be carried out by Dunedin City Council staff.

Dunedin city councillor Jules Radich proposed a motion at yesterday’s full council meeting, asking for a report that included an assessment of risks and benefits of a groyne, including reference to Kettle Park and the risk of doing nothing, a construction time and cost estimate, and an assessment on the effects on the wider coastal system and council work programme.

The motion was passed with a 12-2 majority.


Have a look at what they do on the shorelines in the UK for example. Why do we not look further afield at possible solutions that could be adapted to our erosion problems here. We're not the first to have had rubbish dumped on the shores, nor are we the only place with erosion issues. For goodness sakes Dunedin, look beyond the crater, there is a world out there!
Just like the traffic woes and the cycle lanes, we almost always seem to just go it alone, around in circles with mad capped ideas and theories, or over paid consultants, then hope for the best outcome....and the usual huge ratepayer cost!