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Photo: Gregor Richardson
Photo: Gregor Richardson
A new ''high friction'' footpath surface is being tested on an ice-prone area below the Highgate bridge in Dunedin.

The surface, a stone aggregate material made with recycled glass, was the same as the painted green surfaces being used on cycleways around the city, Dunedin City Council transport group manager Richard Saunders said.

It was designed to improve pedestrian safety and was being tested on the footpath below the bridge near the Roslyn village shops, which was a shaded spot known to have problems with daytime ice, he said.

The surface was more expensive, costing $500 for the trial section, but could be deployed in other parts of the city, depending on the results of the trial, he said. 


A tiny bit of natural salt on the affected parts is so much better & cheaper. Let us learn from countries that have real winters/ice and how they treat it rather than re-inventing the wheel at huge expense.

on one hand the DCC spends $120,000 of RATE PAYERS coin on slippery painted round-abouts New minute the DCC is testing extra grip footpath surfaces, sack the lot of the idiots, they have no clues