Drivers urged not to use closed roads

Middlemarch police say drivers need to steer clear of closed roads after several motorists ignored warning signs during the region's heavy snow in May.

On May 25, Middlemarch police closed State Highway 87 because of severe weather.

Senior Constable Helen Fincham-Putter said about six drivers ignored the signs.

''The road was closed because there were people trying to dig away the snow.

''One driver who got through even got stuck.''

Drivers should not ignore signs, Snr Const Fincham-Putter said.

''If the road is closed, it's closed for a reason. You need to adhere to that. As well as being dangerous, if you're caught it's a $150 fine.''

There was no way the drivers could have misread the sign, which was on a big gate that blocked two-thirds of the road, she said.

Drivers who got stuck inconvenienced people living nearby.

''It's usually the farmers and people who live nearby who have to help these drivers if they get into trouble.''

Road conditions were updated regularly on the New Zealand Transport Agency website and on electronic billboards.

- Holly Bagge


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