Dunedin Nth voter enrolments lagging

Dee Vickers.
Dee Vickers.
Just over 78% of Dunedin North electors have so far enrolled to vote in next month's election.

Nationally, 89% had enrolled by August 10, the latest figures on the Electoral Commission's website show.

In Dunedin South, nearly 92% were enrolled.

Electors must be enrolled by August 20 to receive an EasyVote pack but can still enrol until midnight on September 19, the day before the election.

Dunedin registrar of electors Dee Vickers said field workers were targeting the student population in Dunedin North.

The enrolment level was similar to those in other election years, and partly reflected the fact some students stayed enrolled in their home electorates.

However, the team was trying to increase enrolments in Dunedin North, partly by knocking on doors of houses in which no-one was listed on the roll.

''We're covering as many bases as we possibly can.''

Concern over low turnout in the 2011 election, at just 74%, has put the focus on turnout next month.

In the Dunedin North and South electorates, turnout in 2011 was 75% and 77.9% respectively.


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