Dunedin woman slammed over hostel meal comment

The photo of the 'slop'. Photo / Facebook via NZME
The photo of the 'slop'. Photo: Facebook via NZME
When a woman took to Facebook to ask what others thought of this food photo above, she probably wasn't expecting what was about to hit her.

In the post, on a Dunedin local group, the woman asked if people thought "this slop" was an acceptable meal for a boarding school to serve its pupils.

"So if you had a child in boarding school and they were served this slop, what would you do?" the woman asked the group, regarding the meal her son was given at Otago Boys' High School.

"I'm at my whits [sic] end!!! I have complained to management and seems I'm getting nowhere!!! Perhaps some shaming is needed," she added.

The post received more than 200 comments in less than 30 minutes and was later deleted.

The vast majority of comments pointed out that the food looked fine and they could not see why the person was complaining.

"Fussy much? What's wrong with it exactly? What are your expectations?" one Facebook user asked.

"What exactly is your issue with the meal? Looks balanced, the plate next door looks like there was meat on it originally. Looks like carrots and cauliflower in cheese sauce and a pasta dish with corn. Yummy," someone else said.

"First world problems huh ... so many kids starving struggling to survive ... looks like someone needs a lesson in humbleness," another person said.

"Looks delicious," another commented.

"I'm guessing this isn't the response you were expecting," one person commented after dozens of replies agreeing that the food looked perfectly acceptable.

The woman later explained in a comment she expected more as it is a boarding school and the catering is done by an external company.

"Oh well, thanks for all your entertaining and completely judgmental comments, shows me how great social media is! Great publicity for Otago Boys' High School and Cibus Catering," the woman said, before deleting the post.


Those entitled to comment are parents of BHS boys. Readers get miffed, think they have a right. They don't.