Families have fun at ecosanctuary

Photo: Stephen Jaquiery.
Photo: Stephen Jaquiery.
Friends Ruby Olsen (left) and Abbie Roach (both 4) were among hundreds of people who flocked to the Orokonui Ecosanctuary for a family fun day yesterday.

Despite both girls  adopting  a Minnie Mouse disguise, they failed to blend in with the sanctuary’s bushy backdrop.

Ecosanctuary general manager Chris Baillie said the event was a "roaring success".

"We have never had so many people in the sanctuary at one time."

The sanctuary’s wildlife, including takahe and tuatara, were not concerned about the 350 visitors because they had plenty of bush to hide in, she said.

Visitors were invited to explore the sanctuary’s many tracks and watch takahe being fed.

The open day was a collaboration between the ecosanctuary and Cooke Howlison Toyota. 

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