Fewer city residents prepared for emergency

University of Otago student Jennifer Forrest with her emergency kit. Photo: Peter McIntosh
University of Otago student Jennifer Forrest with her emergency kit. Photo: Peter McIntosh
Dunedin is being left behind by the rest of the region when it comes to emergency preparedness, a new survey says.

The Emergency Management Otago 2018 preparedness survey of 1700 people released this month suggests Central Otago and Queenstown-Lakes residents are the best prepared for when disaster strikes, and Dunedin the worst.

Dunedin earned the wooden spoon for storing non-perishable food and other essentials, at just 61% of respondents, beaten by Central Otago (77%), Queenstown-Lakes (71%), Waitaki (70%) and Clutha (68%).

When it came to storing water, Dunedin also lagged behind other areas - 52% of city respondents had stored emergency water, compared with 60% in Central Otago.

Eighty-one percent of respondents in Central Otago and 75% in Queenstown-Lakes said they had an alternative means of cooking, compared to just 55% in Dunedin.

Asked about the natural disasters that could directly affect them or their family, earthquakes were the top of the list in Queenstown Lakes (91%), Dunedin (85%), Central Otago (83%) and Waitaki (81%).

Clutha residents though were more concerned about floods (81%) than earthquakes (72%).

One Dunedin resident who is prepared is University of Otago student Jennifer Forrest.

The 21-year-old law and zoology double-major has put together a comprehensive emergency survival kit in her North Dunedin flat, and convinced her flatmates to do the same.

''When it comes to disasters, people are more scared of the actual event.

''But it's the aftermath that's the real problem.''

She urged other students to follow her lead and tuck away food, water and other essentials as a precaution.

''You can't keep thinking that it won't happen to you.'''


To be fair and honest they are more than likely sick of being prepared or don't have big enough containers to put the stuff in due to the muck up's Cull and Councillors have caused by not doing maintenance but continue to blame the climate change for.