A laugh and a good time for all

Justin White.
Justin White.
Justin ‘‘Rusty’’ White (40), Christchurch, ‘‘The Thinking Person’s Idiot’’.

How would you describe your show?

The Thinking Person's Idiot dives into the swimming pool of comedy but remains as dry as a piece of toast.

Why should people come to your show?

If they enjoy having a good time and laughing at things, they will have a good time ... and laugh at things. If they don't enjoy these things, they probably shouldn't come. There is a lot of really good talent in this country that doesn't have mainstream media coverage, and I'd like people to realise that a lot of high-quality work is being done by people they haven't heard of.

Do you have any advice for other deep-thinking idiots out there?

Call your mum. Tell her you love her.

What is your favourite spice and why?

Turmeric. Adds a lot of colour, doesn't really taste of anything much. Good for your tum tum.

You have been described in reviews as ''funny funny funny funny funny''. To offset these compliments and bring yourself back down to earth, could you provide one piece of constructive self-criticism?

I wish I was better at relating to people when I'm not on stage. I'm quite socially awkward and don't feel I always give my audience as much as I want to post-show.

How did you get the nickname Rusty?

I squeak when it rains. But seriously, it originated with my manager drunkenly mispronouncing my name on the way to a gig, and the fact that I'm older than most of my colleagues meant it stuck. There are worse nicknames.

-White will perform ''The Thinking Person's Idiot'' at 9pm from today to Friday at 10Bar.

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