Modern age housewifery

Louise Beuvink. Photo: Supplied
Louise Beuvink. Photo: Supplied
Louise Beuvink (27), Auckland, ‘‘Ladylike: A Modern Guide to Etiquette’’.

Could you briefly describe your show?

It’s a feminist satire piece and it’s a masterclass in etiquette and housewifery for the modern age.

You were once a writer and performer in the Otago University Students’ Association’s capping show. Are there any skits you were involved in then that wouldn’t fly now?

Totally. When I was doing it we really pushed the boundaries. Some of the sketches I partook in would be not appropriate and would generate a whole lot of media these days. At the same time I love the capping show and it was an amazing springboard for me into my comedy career. I met so many amazing people and it was an amazing creative outlet.

Your show features you dressed as a 1950s housewife. Could you comment on the 1950s culinary abomination that is the devilled egg?

Look, I’ve never had them and I’ve never made them, but I actually don’t think they sound like an abomination at all. They sound quite tasty. I would eat them.

What is your favourite spice and why?

I really like cumin. The really nutty flavour. I really like cumin in gouda cheese. It often has cumin seeds all through it and it is really nutty and lovely.

You make use of the cask wine through a SodaStream method of making Champagne in your show. Could you describe your recipe?

So what you’ve got to do is get your standard white wine goon. You put some in the SodaStream bottle and the trick is you’ve got to make it in batches. You get it just a fifth to a quarter full. No more than that, because if you fill it more than that it will explode. Connect it to the SodaStream, push the button. It will bubble up heaps, but with a fifth to quarter-full bottle it shouldn’t overflow. I learned that the hard way.

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