Saving Earth, with, by and for comedy

Eli Matthewson (29)
Eli Matthewson (29)
Could you describe your show?

It's a comedy show about whether it's even possible to save this dying Earth and what one person can do. Emphasis on comedy, less emphasis on dying Earth.

What is your favourite spice and why?

Well, I'm coriander because some people love me and to other people I taste like dishwashing liquid.

Why should people come to your show?

Cause it's gonna be late night, rough, rude and fun. Plus the tickets are cheap, and I don't pick on anyone in the crowd.

What was your greatest accomplishment in school drama and why?

I travelled to Wellington for the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare finals in a legendary piece of Henry V, where we were all soccer supporters.

What is your method of dealing with hecklers?

Dog treats for shutting up.

Eli Matthewson will perform An Inconvenient Poof 10 o'clock tonight at the Fortune Theatre.

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