Ghouls and gunpowder for fun and fireworks

Photos by Craig Baxter.
Photos by Craig Baxter.

St Kilda residents Chris Knopp, Skyla Knopp (2) and Kirsteen McLay play hosts at a Guy Fawkes party in the Dunedin suburb for children and parents - all of whom dressed as ghosts, witches, ghouls, fairies, princesses, scary clowns and some even as their favourite super-hero characters.

More than 50 people attended. Dunedin's cold, wet weather was likely responsible for a trouble-free Guy Fawkes on Saturday night, police and Fire Service staff said.

No major fireworks-related incidents were reported. A permitted bonfire on a McMaster Rd property at Saddle Hill (above) prompted a call to Mosgiel firefighters about 9pm on Saturday, although they found the fire to be under control.



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