Gun fired, house 'smashed up' in Ranfurly

A man will face court after a police officer was forced to wrestle with him as he tried to resist during a violent incident in which a firearm was reportedly discharged.

Police were called to a property on the outskirts of Ranfurly about 10am yesterday after reports of a man 'smashing it up'.

The sole officer was met by an aggressive man who fled back inside as the officer tried to to arrest him, police said.

The officer was then told the man had fired a gun so withdrew and waited for back-up.

While he was waiting, the man came back out and threatened him with a steel bar.

The officer was forced to draw his Taser and it was only after a protracted struggle that he was able to arrest the man.

"Full credit goes to the constable who, when faced with a dangerous situation and a motivated offender, selected the appropriate tactical option and effected the arrest without injury to either party," Acting Response Manager Central Otago Sergeant Simon Paget said.

A 21-year-old man will appear in Dunedin District Court today charged with wilful damage, discharging a firearm near a dwelling, unlawful possession of a firearm, assaulting police with a weapon, resisting arrest, and escaping custody.