Harbour golf challenge target in place

Photo: Stephen Jaquiery
Photo: Stephen Jaquiery
The pontoon target for the new golf hole-in-one challenge floats off Vauxhall after being positioned there yesterday.

Dunedin businessman Peter Graham was granted resource consent last year to use the reserve south of the yacht club for the golf challenge and kayak, fun-boat and bicycle-hire venture.

Golfers will aim for the floating pontoon, positioned 95m into the harbour, and stand to win a $10,000 prize if they score a hole in one.

An Environment Court appeal against the consent decision was resolved earlier this year, and work has been intensifying since then ahead of a scheduled opening this summer.


I'm curious to know as to how much it will cost to take a shot? My brother in law was going to do this 15 years ago in Hastings, but he wanted to get insurance against someone winning. No one would cover him.

Hole in one insurance is easy to get now, you usually just need to meet a few simple criteria around distance etc. The cost isn't too expensive and the premium can be be paid for by sponsors in return for advertising. That's how golf clubs do it when running hole-in-one competitions.