Harley to get dream rides

Harley Shuttleworth
Harley Shuttleworth
Harley Shuttleworth will have his motorsport dreams fulfilled when he takes a ride on a custom-built V8 trike and in a Ford V8 Capri.

The Star has received calls and emails with offers to help the terminally ill 7-year-old create happy memories, in response to last week's front page article ''It's all about Harley now''.

Harley has been fighting bilateral Wilms tumours for two years. His tumours, which are on his kidneys, have grown back twice this year and his body can no longer handle surgery and intensive rounds of chemotherapy.

It has been decided that palliative care is Harley's best option.

Aside from offering Harley a ride on a V8 trike and in a V8 Capri, members of the community have also offered to do anything the family need.

Harley's mother, Melissa Shuttleworth, has been overwhelmed by the response and would like to thank members of the community for their generosity.

If you can help Harley create some happy memories, contact Star reporter samantha.mcpherson@thestar.co.nz.

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