Long-delayed maternity plan yet some way off

The Southern District Health Board's (SDHB) much-delayed maternity plan is still weeks away from being revealed.

The southern maternity system of care proposal, released in March, was perceived by some smaller centres as being a downgrade in services.

Dismay was greatest in Lumsden, where an extensive protest and petition resulted in the SDHB announcing it would revise the proposal.

The revised proposal was due at the end of May, but with extra funding coming from this year's Budget for midwifery, primary care and DHBs, the SDHB extended its deadline to mid to late June.

SDHB strategy, primary and community executive director Lisa Gestro said this week the revised proposal would be made public ''within the next few weeks''.

''We are still working through the process of finalising the integrated primary maternity system of care, and acknowledge this has taken longer than anticipated,'' she said.



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