Hundreds of hospital campaign emails sent

At least 1300 email forms have been sent through the Dunedin Hospital SOS website, campaign spokesman David Benson-Pope says.

David Benson-Pope
David Benson-Pope

Cr Benson-Pope said the Dunedin City Council-led campaign to keep the city's hospital facilities in the central city, which was launched on March 24, was focusing on getting residents involved in the campaign by bulk-emailing government ministers involved with the decision-making through the campaign website.

Each form sent from the website was sent to Prime Minister Bill English, Health Minister Jonathan Coleman, Finance and Infrastructure Minister Steven Joyce, Dunedin list MP Michael Woodhouse, Ministry of Health chief executive Chai Chuah and ministry critical projects director Michael Hundleby, the website stated.

Cr Benson-Pope said feedback so far had seen "overwhelming support'' for the campaign from the community.

City councillors - except those who had voted against the campaign - would be based around the city to raise community awareness of the campaign and would have iPads on hand so people could fill in the form through the website on the spot, Cr Benson-Pope said.

"It's active democracy at work.''

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