'Menace' disqualified for doing 206kmh on motorway

A man checked driving at 206kmh on the Southern Motorway was travelling at twice the allowable speed limit.

He was a menace on the road and had to be removed, Judge Kevin Phillips said, disqualifying him from driving for 18 months ''to protect the community''.

Benjamin James Robertson (24), of Dunedin, was before the Dunedin District Court yesterday convicted of driving at a dangerous speed on State Highway 1 at Fairfield on November 22 last year.

As well as the disqualification, Robertson was sentenced to three months' community detention (curfewed 8pm-7am daily), 100 hours' community work and nine months' supervision (with a special condition to undergo any counselling, treatment or programme, as directed by probation).

The judge said Robertson had six passengers in the car, one of them a drunken female lying without a restraint across the laps of people in the back seat. Robertson kept driving at 206kmh while passing a road maintenance crew.

Counsel Steve Turner said Robertson had been on bail with a 4pm-8am curfew for two months. He had not breached the curfew and had not driven.

''He says he does not want to drive, that he hasn't the maturity. He understands that speed kills and is remorseful for his actions.''

Judge Phillips said by his ''appalling'' conduct, Robertson was placing other road users, his passengers and himself at risk. The offending was aggravated by his six previous driving convictions and further similar offending would bring jail.

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