Most arts festival creditors have been paid

More than three months after the Otago Festival of the Arts was held in Dunedin, all but a few creditors have been paid in full.

The festival was held on October 5 to 14, and performers began venting their frustration in December when they still had not been paid.

Otago Festival of the Arts Trust chairman Malcolm Farry said the process of paying most creditors took place just before Christmas, but there may be ''one or two'' creditors that still required ''further details''.

However, Mr Farry was pleased the issue had been largely resolved and was now focusing on the organisation of the 2014 Festival of the Arts.

Mr Farry sincerely regretted the time creditors had to wait for their payment, and said the delay had been caused by poor administration of the event.

After the festival, the trust found paperwork and financial records had not been put together properly, making it impossible to get a clear picture of the festival's affairs.

Without invoices, reconciliations, contracts or a full list of creditors, festival organisers were unable to make payments, he said.

Festival director Alec Wheeler resigned in December and Kerry Buchan was appointed by the trust as interim manager to organise the conclusion of all matters relating to the festival.

One creditor, Subject to Change band member Robert Craigie, said he was pleased the issue had been resolved.

He and his colleagues were owed a share of about $1500 from their performance.

''It's great to be able to put this issue to rest and move on to the year ahead,'' he said.

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