Narrow escape for teens on island

Four teenagers have had a narrow escape after they became stuck on an island south of Dunedin last night.

The youths - three boys and a girl, aged between 11 and 14-years-old - had crossed to Moturata Island from Taieri Mouth on a sand bar at low tide, but almost became stranded there as the tide began to rise again.

Police and the Brighton Surf Club were called into help rescue the teens at around 9.30pm.

However, they managed to safely cross back to Taieri Mouth before help arrived.

Search and Rescue Water Advisor Keith Simon, who lives locally, said such incidents were becoming a regular occurrence, and warned people to be aware that crossing to the island can become "extremely hazardous" when the tide turns.

Senior Sergeant Steve Aitken of Dunedin police said the group were lucky to get themselves out of trouble, as it "could have easily had a much worse outcome".

"People need to be aware of the dangers of the sea and if they intend to cross to the island they need to ensure they return before the tide turns and in daylight," he said.

"This bar and crossing can be an extremely dangerous one."


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