'No escape' as 'unplanned service maintenance' done

Vehicles are backed up along Cumberland St (State Highway 1) in Dunedin, as they head north along the one-way street yesterday afternoon.Motorists were told to expect delays and an increase in traffic as maintenance was conducted on the one-way system in central Dunedin.

The NZ Transport Agency said the heavy traffic and delays were caused by "unplanned service maintenance", which resulted in the closure of one lane.

A motorist who was stuck in traffic said they ended up sitting through a whole cycle of green lights before being able to get through the intersection. 

Congestion was also affecting southbound motorists.

A southbound motorist said it took 20 minutes to get from the Dunedin Botanic Garden to Albany St.

"There was no escape as Dundas St is blocked off because they are still working on the bridge," he said.





Lets not forget that a few months ago DCC seriously proposed the closure of the one way system and that the state "highway" would be a 2 lane road with one lane in each direction. Yesterdays shambles would have been the norm.

Lets see what happens to all Dunedins other arterial roads as these clowns go through with their road sharing plans. DCC & the greens - making Dunedin as unlivable as possible.

Just wait until they start the new hospital. Then we'll know what disruptions really are.