No injuries in Lime scooter collision

Photo: Stephen Jaquiery
Photo: Stephen Jaquiery
Emergency services attend a collision between a Lime scooter and car in Dunedin yesterday.

Both police and St John were called to the accident in Musselburgh Rise at 11.40am.

A police spokesman said St John was first on the scene and reported the accident to police.

A witness said it appeared the driver pulled out from a driveway and hit an e-scooter being ridden along the footpath.

The car driver's view may have been restricted by a hedge next to the driveway.

A St John spokesman said it attended the collision but no-one was injured. 


Wonder if the dint above the wheel arch was caused by the Lime? If so it looks like the Lime run into the car not the other way around.

Agree. No driver is expecting a high speed vehicle on the pavement. The car could even have been stopped waiting to get onto the road. Just as well it wasn't a person it ran into as cars are less painful to fix! ' Footpaths are for slower moving pedestrians.