Podcast: Life in opposition for Woodhouse

The transition from senior Government minister to opposition front bencher is a "brutal one", Dunedin MP Michael Woodhouse says.

Veteran political journalist Neale McMillan asks what the change has meant for the National party list MP.

Mr Woodhouse says the change has been stark and his workload had "fallen of a cliff" since moving into opposition. 

He was still adjusting to being in opposition, which required MPs to be proactive and "self-starting".

This was different to being a minister where "wave after wave" of work came at you at all times.


Gosh, I'm sorry to hear that the lovely MIchael is at a lose end. Perhaps he could occupy himself by going in to bat for our hospital services in all his spare time? Or help out at FoodShare, or LifeLine or any one of the other front line services that are used by our community? How about fundraising for Heart Walkers for kids with Cerebal palsy or Nebulisers for kids with CF? Plenty of work for idle hands Michael... you just need to, perhaps belatedly, open your eyes.