Police accept IPCA findings

Police have accepted the findings of a report into the serious injury of a Dunedin truck driver that concluded they failed to record key information after receiving calls about wandering stock.

The Independent Police Conduct Authority refers to an incident in June 2012, when a driver collided with a cattle beast near Mataura.

Police had received reports that cattle on the road posed a risk to motorists, but the police communicator failed to record the rural address property identification (RAPID) number or create a new job in the system when a second report was received.

That was contrary to policy, and made it more difficult to locate the wandering stock.

Southern Communications Centre Manager Inspector Kieren Kortegast said Police had met the driver after the incident and apologised for the failure.

"Police are concerned with any call from the public that results in service failure, which in this case had serious consequences.

"The staff member in question missed the opportunity to prevent a collision that has caused serious injury to a member of the public," he ssid.

"In this case, the staff member has not received RAPID number training, an issue that has since been addressed.

"However, his actions at the time in disregarding information offered by the public were not consistent with procedure."

The staff member has since attended RAPID number training, and has been subject to a disciplinary process concerning the failure to enter a new event for the additional call.

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