Police issue warning over Eftpos thefts

Police have issued a warning to the public in the wake of several ''shoulder surfing'' thefts in the South.

Shoulder surfing occurs when an offender notes a PIN code being entered into an Eftpos device by a user.

The offender then follows the user and steals their Eftpos card, which they then use to access the user's funds.

Offenders have been working in pairs, with one distracting the victim at the front door of their house, while the second enters via the back door and steals the card.

Police urge Eftpos card users to ensure no-one is watching when they input the PIN code.

Users should check around them, and cover or shield the keypad with their other hand when entering the PIN number.

Police are aware of several such offences in the Southern District and are following a line of enquiry.

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