Police shut-and-shut case

Exasperated over unsecured student flats, police have taken to shutting windows and doors to reduce the risk of burglary.

Police had increased patrols in the student quarter, but had been concerned by the number of returning students who continued to leave their flats unsecured, Acting Senior Sergeant Damion Rangitutia said.

In the latest incident, two bikes were taken from an unsecured property, while earlier this week two people were stopped by Campus Watch with a television they had removed from a nearby flat.

Police were concerned to note the number of flats with windows and doors left open, with no sign of people at the address, and, in some cases, were taking a proactive approach by shutting doors and windows of unsecured flats, Acting Snr Sgt Rangitutia said.

In addition, police were involved in other preventive measures in the area, such as patrols and advising on flat security, he said.

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