Research in London for professor

Robin Gauld
Robin Gauld
University of Otago health systems authority Prof Robin Gauld will spend three months as a visiting professor in London.

Prof Gauld has been named the 2014 NZ-UK Link Foundation visiting professor, based at the University of London's school of advanced study, from late September.

Prof Gauld is researching why doctors and nurses migrate between the United Kingdom and New Zealand, and this will be his focus in London.

''My aim is to examine the flow of healthcare professionals between the UK and New Zealand, especially what drives this flow and the impact on one another's healthcare system.''

Prof Gauld will give four lectures during his tenure, including one at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. As well as discussing the health migration research, his talks will cover New Zealand's health system, health reforms and clinical governance. Prof Gauld is director of the university's Centre for Health Systems.

NZ-UK Link Foundation chairman Sir Graeme Davies said Prof Gauld's UK tenure coincided with intense scrutiny of health reforms in the UK's National Health Service.

''I have no doubt that he will add significantly to the debate as it is taken forward in the time ahead.''


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