Ross Creek dam gets wave protection panels

The Dunedin City Council's restoration of the Ross Creek Reservoir dam took another significant step towards completion yesterday as concrete panels for a wave wall were installed along the dam's crest.

The 23 panels were being added during the next few days to stop waves breaching the crest of the dam in windy weather, council engineering project manager Camilla Bennett said.

Each panel was 5m long and 1.9m high, and weighed 6.8 tonnes.

Once the wall was installed, the top of the dam would be completed and a footpath built, she said.

The work was part of an $8.6million refurbishment of the dam, which included rebuilding and strengthening the dam face, widening the spillway, raising and widening the dam crest and building a new siphon pipe to take water out of the reservoir.

Concrete panels for the wave wall being lifted into place on the crest at Ross Creek dam...
Concrete panels for the wave wall being lifted into place on the crest at Ross Creek dam yesterday. PHOTO: PETER MCINTOSH

The project would allow the dam to be used as an extra water supply for Dunedin.


Ms Bennett said the project was running smoothly but had not been without its challenges.

"Along the way we've encountered a lot of unforeseen elements such as ground conditions, unforeseen structural conditions, we've had to tend with archaeological finds and, of course, the weather which hasn't always been kind to us."

The challenges meant the cost of the project had increased from $6.6million to $8.6million, but work was expected to be completed by August.


 - Eddy Bramley


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