Rotarians about to rebuild treehouse

By the end of today  at least one treehouse in Mosgiel will keeping building inspectors happy.

Volunteers from the Mosgiel Rotary Club will rebuild the non-compliant treehouse, which hit the headlines last week after the Dunedin City Council demanded it be torn down because it did not meet the Building Code.

A solution came about after Cr  Mike Lord and the Rotary Club volunteered to bring it up to code.

Weather permitting, by the end of the day there will no longer be a safety concern.

Club member John Seddon said the volunteers would focus on ensuring the platform was safe and no part of the structure was above 3m high.

Mosgiel Rotary Club member Peter Seddon prepares to take the final measurements of the treehouse...
Mosgiel Rotary Club member Peter Seddon prepares to take the final measurements of the treehouse in Mosgiel, which attracted the attention of the Dunedin City Council’s building inspectors, before its rebuild today. Photo: Stephen Jaquiery
Under the Building Code, the treehouse required a building consent because the safety railing installed on the platform was more than 3m high.

An anonymous donor is paying for any extra material needed, mainly  tanalised plywood flooring, he said.

"It’s a good outcome for everyone involved and we’re just pleased we can play our part," he said.

The rebuild would cost between $200 and $300.

Treehouse owner Janice Norman-Oke said  she would be happy once the treehouse was rebuilt and life returned to normal.

As for her children,  Ethan (12), Devon (10) and Logan (6), all the attention the treehouse had attracted had passed them by, Ms Norman-Oke said.

"They really don’t understand what all the fuss is about. They just want to play in the tree again."


Wonder what the neighbours will think Won the battle but lost the war.