Rules should not affect duck shooters

Ian Hadland
Ian Hadland
New gun regulations should not affect shooters during the duck-shooting season, Otago Fish and Game says.

Last week, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced bans on military-style rifles and high capacity magazines, following the Christchurch mosque attacks.

Otago Fish and Game Council chief executive Ian Hadland said in a statement yesterday initially some bird shooters were nervous about proposed regulation changes.

However, it was the organisation's understanding semi-automatic shotguns would still be allowed, with restricted magazine capacity.

That ''shouldn't curtail hunters' enjoyment of the sport'', he said.

''Some hunters may have to make adjustments .. but overall, the outcome is in the best interests of community safety and we expect the gamebird hunting season to run pretty much as usual.

''We have heard there is much support for the new, tougher regulations for military style semi-automatic firearms from the hunting community in Otago.''

This year's season starts on May 4.

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