Sellers' memorabilia snapped up

Peter Sellers.
Peter Sellers.
They might be more than 40 years overdue, but some tickets to a boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Smokin' Joe Frazier have sold for $2000 in an online auction.

Despite the tickets no longer being valid, an eagle-eyed boxing fan snapped them up in the belief they were worth their heavyweight in gold.

Regent Theatre Trust board member Jennifer Anglin said the tickets were among about 40 sports items and other memorabilia sold on eBay, from the estate of the late New Zealand sporting broadcaster Peter Sellers.

She said Mr Sellers became friends with Muhammad Ali's fight promoter, who would send him press packages which included tickets to his fights.

``The tickets came for him, but because he was afraid to travel, he never went.

``So these pristine tickets got jammed between the pages of one of his books.''

She said the tickets fetched the highest bid of all the items, which included a signed picture of Muhammad Ali.

``Peter was an interesting man. Not only did he have a large sports collection, but a passion for movies and jazz.

``There were several items from jazz performers like Cab Calloway and Louis Armstrong.

``Peter was a fan. He would travel with photographs of famous people and get them autographed, or he would have them autograph little pieces of paper.''

The items were to be sold in the 37th annual Star Regent Theatre 24-hour book sale, but because they were more valuable, it was decided they could fetch more money online, she said.

The online auction closed on Sunday and Mrs Anglin estimated about $4000 was raised.

All of the money would be given to the Regent Theatre Trust for ongoing projects, she said.


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