Spectacular lightning strike over Blueskin Bay

A Blueskin Bay resident has captured footage of a spectacular forked lightning strike north of Dunedin.

Hamish Rennie, who lives above Evansdale, sat his camera on his kitchen table and pushed record as a storm was passing over on Thursday last week and was fortunate to capture the moment forked lightning cracked over Warrington and headed out to sea.

"We had a series of thunderstorms pass over from west to east and a lot of the lightening was standard sheet lightning, but that particular one was forked."

There was a large bang after the forked lightning went across the sky, but unfortunately it happened just after he had cut the video.

He had lived in the Blueskin Bay area for about eight years and never seen such spectacular lightning.

Forked lightening over Blueskin Bay. Photo: Hamish Rennie
Forked lightning over Blueskin Bay. Photo: Hamish Rennie
He also captured a large hailstorm crossing Blueskin Bay, which was part of the same storm.

"There was pretty serious size hail stones.

"Bigger than bees, that's for sure."

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