St Clair homes still dangerous

Properties in Allandale Rd and Motu St have been affected. Photo: ODT
Properties in Allandale Rd and Motu St have been affected. Photo: ODT
The occupants of six houses in the Dunedin suburb of St Clair remain out of their homes more than a month after being evacuated due to a slip in the area.

Six homes - four in Motu St and two in Allandale Rd - were evacuated last month after the slip was reported to the Earthquake Commission.

A Dunedin City Council spokeswoman said yesterday dangerous building notices remained in place.

The council was not aware of any further developments.

The latest update from the EQC was due next week.


One of the further developments that the DCC doesn't want to talk about is that they have finished digging up Allandale Rd to repair their split sewerage pipe - which was the likely cause of the land-slip. Problems with this pipe have been much worse during heavy rain because of defects and design problems which means that the system becomes overloaded and this pipe becomes filled up with pressurised sewerage and stormwater. Fixing the split pipe has not fixed the other problems.

It is not acceptable that the DCC is refusing to acknowledge their roll in causing this problem. The ODT should be focused on this, because the DCC is aware of similar problems with its old pipes and other properties could be at risk.