Sticky date tonight

As part of O Week's celebrations, Australian band Sticky Fingers will be playing tonight at Forsyth Barr Stadium. Bassist Paddy Cornwall spoke to the Otago Daily Times ahead of the show.


Q: If you were to take a career path other than music, what would it be?

A: I would work in a sardine factory because I have always wondered how they get the sardines so tightly packed in those tins and the outside so clean and it doesn't smell like fish. I have always been impressed by sardines.

Q: Describe your sound?

A: The best thing you have ever heard. But we are influenced by the Clash, Gorillas, Pink Floyd - they are good starting points. Bands I think are really good right now: DMA's are sick and Green Buzzard - they are sounding hot and they haven't released anything yet.

Q: What can Dunedinites expect tonight?

A: Every show is really different, depending on the vibe. It's our first NZ tour. We will see how Dunedin goes. So far the vibes have been pretty good; we will see if we can top it.

Q: Who is your favourite musician?

A: Damon Albarn - everything from early Blur through to the Good, the Bad and the Queen, and, of course, Gorillas. He's just the most diverse musical madman in Western culture.

Q: What were you doing at age 18?

A: I went to a strict Catholic school up until year 11 and got expelled. Then I went to Newtown High School of the Performing Arts and I was surrounded by babes.

Q: What is next for Sticky Fingers?

A: We have finished doing our studio thing and we are currently writing album three and we are pretty excited with some of the sounds bumping around.

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