Student party was not in filmed flat

A party at a View St, Dunedin, property last weekend that went on until 7am had nothing to do with the filming of a carpet commercial at a nearby student flat last month.

Neighbours had voiced concern after an apparently noisy party last weekend, and noise control officers were called at 7am on Sunday.

Several weeks ago, during Orientation Week, some of the occupants of a View St property - dubbed the ''Backpackers'' - were filmed by a production company for a Godfrey Hirst carpet advertising campaign.

The filming recorded high-quality carpet being subjected to the ultimate wear and tear test by students living in an archetypal Dunedin student flat.

There are two flats in the building.

A University of Otago student from the flat where the filming took place rang the Otago Daily Times yesterday and emphasised the party last weekend had nothing to do with the earlier filming during Orientation Week. That filming took place between February 10 and 22.

It is understood the party held last weekend was in a different flat. A report in yesterday's ODT contained incorrect information. Last weekend's party had no connection with the filming or the earlier party.

The student, who asked not to be named, said there had been a party at the upstairs flat on Friday, February 21, while the filming for the advertisement had been going on, and there had been a noise complaint late that night.

People at the party had subsequently turned off the sound system and the party itself had ended about 2.30am.

Godfrey Hirst general manager Tania Pauling said the film production company did not organise the party and did not supply alcohol.

The student said the production company had not suggested the party be held, and had not paid for the party, although some payment had been made, given that carpet had been put down and cameras had been present for the week.

He also emphasised students in the flat wanted good relationships with their neighbours -''we don't want to get our neighbours offside''.

He was aware some neighbours had been concerned by an earlier history of noisy parties apparently held in the area in recent years, but current students at the flat had all moved in this year and had no involvement in that earlier history.

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