Submissions reveal gaming policy confusion

Some submitters on a new gaming machine policy for Dunedin may not have understood what was proposed.

A significant number of the more than 600 people who made submissions said they disliked the city's current policy and wanted to see it changed to a sinking lid policy on gaming machines.

However, a sinking lid is actually proposed.

Council projects officer Kevin Mechan said some pro forma submissions referred to the council proposing the status quo, which was incorrect.

Others also appeared to have assumed the council, which is undertaking its three-yearly review of its gambling policy, was not changing its policy.

Mr Mechan said he understood that an organisation which published a pro forma submission had not expected the council to go for a sinking lid policy, and could not recall the forms from the printer in time.

In general, submissions were split between those who supported the proposal and the industry, which would produce figures to show the number of problem gamblers being reported was not going down, despite a reduction in the number of poker machines, indicating the two were not linked.

Seventy people who made submissions indicated they wanted to speak at a hearing, which would be held late June or July, he said.

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