Swim Coaching Board seeks end to lane charges

The Dunedin Swim Coaching Board is asking the council to scrap lane charges at Moana Pool, saying athletes are being charged twice for using the pool.

Board chairman Lindsay Dey told councillors at Friday's annual plan hearings that lane charges were costing it $6000 and it was now faced with having to increase fees to meet the cost.

The Dunedin City Council agreed in 2012 to introduce lane charges of $2 an hour per lane up to six lanes, and $10 an hour per lane above that. A charge of $10 per hour for half-pool hire for group activities was also agreed.

Mr Dey questioned the lane changes, saying it resulted in a situation where athletes were ''paying twice'' to use the pool.

''They pay to enter the pool and now they are paying for the lane space itself.''

In reply to a question from Cr Andrew Whiley, he said he was not aware of anybody else in New Zealand charging twice for an athlete to use lane space.

The trust also asked the council to review the allocation of lane space. It seemed there was a policy to have ''six to eight'' lanes allocated to the public at all times, which gave pool staff a lack of ''flexibility'' when allocating lanes.

In response to a question from Cr Richard Thomson, Mr Dey said it would be ideal if more lanes were available to athletes at times when few members of the public used the pool, for instance late at night and early in the morning.


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