Problem roads set for reseal by mid-2010

Martin Dillon. Photo: Peter McIntosh
Martin Dillon. Photo: Peter McIntosh

Mosgiel roads that a Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board member says have been needing work for 21 years are set to be resealed by mid-2020.

Martin Dillon said at a recent community board meeting he had been on the board for 21 years, and throughout that time had been asking for Factory Rd, from High St to Centre St, to be resealed, to no avail.

Mr Dillon also said Centre St was the worst street in Mosgiel and was "collapsing". He asked when the work might happen.

Council safety team leader Hjarne Poulsen told the Taieri Times Centre Rd was due for  resealing in the 2018-19 year.

Mr Poulsen said the section of Factory Rd Mr Dillon referred to was "very bumpy" because of problems with water mains.

That section would be resealed in the 2019-20 year, the work to take place between Centre St and Rentons Rd.

Meanwhile, Church St in Mosgiel will get a much-needed upgrade when the road is resealed and a new footpath and vehicle parking are installed next year.

Work  to reseal the street is expected to start in January, along with new angle parking and a new footpath.

Mr Poulsen said that the work was expected to cost about $80,000.

It was being done to make the area safer for pedestrians, particularly school children heading to and from school or to Brooklands Park, Mr Poulsen said.

Mr Dillon said he was happy the council would install new parking near the  park as the present situation could be dangerous.

"If it was further up the road I wouldn’t see the point because we have Factory Rd, which needs it, but if it’s going to be part of the new parking it makes sense."

The parking in front of the cricket club was in urgent need of being upgraded as vehicles parked right up against the edge of the road and forced pedestrians on to the road.

"It’s wide enough for angle parking and when there’s sport on and we have the Countdown staff now, so it can get fairly congested now, and when you have people walking on the road, particularly children, you have a safety issue."

While he was happy with the work being done, Mr Dillon said he did not want to see more heavy vehicles using the road as a result.

"We’ve already got issues with the intersection and I had noticed with the lights missing at Factory Rd a lot more trucks were coming down Church St," Mr Dillon said.


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