Their world’s a stage

Photo: Peter McIntosh
Photo: Peter McIntosh
Pop-up Globe theatre actors Max Loban (23, front), of London, and Adrian Hooke (29), of Auckland, strike a pose at Dunedin's Regent Theatre before the first stop of the company's New Zealand tour.

The travelling company of 15 actors and 11 crew will perform the shows Measure for Measure and Hamlet in theatres all over the country for the next three months.

The Pop-up Globe, which started in Auckland for a just single season in 2016, has been internationally popular since.

Three years and more than 600 shows later, the cast is touring regional theatres.

There will be five shows in Dunedin, starting tonight.

Mr Loban had been with the Auckland pop-up for just under two years, as his first job, but had always dreamed of being on stage.

- By Fisi-Belle Carrasco-Rex

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