Traffic signals upgraded to enhance safety

Photo by Craig Baxter.
Photo by Craig Baxter.
Roadworks progress at the intersection of George and Hanover Sts, central Dunedin, where the city council is making improvements to traffic lights.

Dunedin City Council transportation projects engineer Evan Matheson said lamps in the lights were being replaced and signal timings adjusted slightly to make the intersections safer.

The work was part of a $336,000 package of work being done for the council over the next few weeks on traffic signals around the city.

Work was also being done, or would be done, on signals at the intersections of Rattray St, Broadway and Maclaggan St; Rattray and Princes Sts and Princes, Stafford and Jetty Sts.

A pedestrian-operated traffic light in Highgate would be installed during the next month. The work was also part of the contract.

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