'This will stop me from going to Dunedin' - TVNZ star

Breakfast presenters Hayley Holt and Jack Tame. Photo: TVNZ
Breakfast presenters Hayley Holt and Jack Tame. Photo: TVNZ
Hayley Holt has some extremely strong feelings about chart-topping pop star Ed Sheeran.

They're not positive!

The Breakfast presenter struck out at Sheeran on this morning's show ahead of his record-breaking tour here which kicks off next week.

Holt's attack on Sheeran was sparked by news that Dunedin was making ratepayers cough up $8000 for a mural of the UK singer.

"This will stop me from going to Dunedin ... I do not want to see a giant mural of Ed Sheeran's mug. I'm sorry, he does my head in," Holt told viewers this morning.

She continued: "Ed Sheeran seems like a lovely person, but he is so boring, and he tries to suck up to us by wearing All Black shirts.

"What is it about our obsession with him? Remember when he was on Game of Thrones. Remember that episode? He ruined the Game of Thrones."

Jack Tame didn't share his co-host's views, quickly trying to calm Holt down.

"You don't know what you've done. You've upset the Ed Sheeran people," said Tame. "Saying that is like saying you hate Adele. Or cats.

"I don't love Ed Sheeran, I just would never say I hate him on television because I know how that would end."

But Holt was backed up by newsreader Jenny Suo. "I agree. I'm sorry Jack ... I can't say I'm a fan of Ed Sheeran.

Sheeran performs six shows in New Zealand kicking off next weekend in Auckland, before heading to Dunedin.

He’s set to break the audience attendance record set by Adele’s shows last year.

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A city adorned with large "art works" is one thing, a silly mural for each and every "celebrity" is something else. Are council going to whack one up for the Queen, she came to town once or twice. How about Fleetwood Mac? They have been pumping music for 20 years before Sheeran was born.

This is just a cheap, tacky thought bubble bought on by a flailing marketing department. Dunedin is trying to portray itself as a sophisticated eco tourism destination. Pandering to squealing 15 year olds isn't contributing one bit to that.

The fact they are wasting the rates from 3 or 4 properties is simply insulting.

They mentioned this on the radio - that Ed pays around 10 - 15% of gate takings for the use of the stadium which will go back to the council so the $8000 isn't really Rate payers money. I beg to differ, where does the rest of the gate takings that council gets go to? I Don't see Cull standing up and saying Rate payers 'Now the rate payers owe $xxxxx on the stadium because of Ed's gigs. and the same for previous concerts and future ones.

Another caller said it is part of the promoters scam hoping that Ed opens his picture, gets pictures coverage and some Councillors, cull and the such like get free tickets and life lone friends with Ed because rate payers paid for the Art. total scam really

Good on Hayley , I'm from Dunedin, this council seems to able to find endless ways of squandering rate payer money on vanity projects from teeth, stadiums , concrete "recreational" sheep..etc. ...it's gotta stop

It's all about money in New Zealand. Every fart in the news is related to money. On One Saturday morning news reported the arrival of a cruise ship as "... 1400 wallets visiting our city...." Disgusted. I am Dutch, and the Dutch have a reputation, but NZ is way worse.

I for one couldn't care less whether she came here or not. Who does she think she is by even thinking that she has an opinion worthy of sharing with the country about a local art project. It is a mural that will be viewed by thousands of people and won't be ignored or avoided simply because she doesn't like it. It may be debated by Dunedinit's for years to come but her opinion means diddly-squat and she should keep it to herself.

Sorb, I couldn't agree with you more. Hayley Holt is a nobody who gets national television air time based on.............well not her intellect that's for sure.

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