Cromwell College senior prizes

Cromwell College held its senior prizegiving recently. The prize list is:

Dux Jamie Crum
Dux Jamie Crum
Sporting awards

Most valued player senior boys' basketball, Ethan Edmunds-Scott; contribution cricket senior boys, Gabe Eden; cricket most improved senior player, Jed McDonald; netball award enthusiasm for the game and commitment to team, Hannah Moyle; most valuable senior player, Chelsea Schwass; rugby award enthusiasm for game and commitment to team, Luke Pyper; rugby cup most outstanding player, Mitch Decke; player award, Mitch Decke; soccer recognition award contribution to game, James Shaw; senior boys swimming, Will Harrison; senior girls swimming, Caitlin Walker; outdoor recreation - apartments student, Bridie MacFarlaine; commitment and achievement athletics, Wayde Marshall.

Special awards: Jacinda Morton, outstanding achievement karate; Jed McDonald, outstanding achievement squash; Will Harrison, outstanding achievement swimming; Wayde Marshall, outstanding achievement athletics.

Silver Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award: Tomas Burai, Rachel Clark, Sammie Gordon, Jacinda Morton, Luke Pyper, Jonathan Smith.

General awards: commitment World Vision, (pupil who raised most for 40-hour famine), Phoebe Harrington; responsibility, leadership in the apartments programme, Ben Symes; contribution to college by head girl and head boy, Laura Winstanley, Joel Neilson; lead and inspire trophy, Laura Winstanley, Joel Neilson.

Cultural awards

Pupil showing promise in musical performance, Phoebe Harrington; service performing arts, David Borrie; outstanding achievement music and performance, Laura Winstanley; excellence piping, Hugh Cocks; contribution arts, Jonathan Smith; debating trophy, Cade Coughlin.

Subject awards

Creative writing, Rehanna Callaghan; contribution senior geography, Jamie Crum; most improved senior home economics, Jordan Milne; achievement and diligence senior home economics, Zoe Fitzgerald; most promising materials technology, Ryan Green; achievement and diligence senior text management, Sophie Patton; individual research, James Shaw; endeavour senior mathematics, Bridie MacFarlaine; endeavour and achievement distance education, Joel Neilson; excellence senior commerce, Sammie Gordon.

Diligence awards

Ccourage and commitment to improving self through personal effort, Ben Elliot; diligence year 11, Jordan Milne; diligence year 12, Annabel Campbell; diligence year 13, Jo Rehor, Morgan Bathgate.

Subject excellence awards

Endeavour and achievement senior sciences, Jamie Crum; excellence senior mathematics, Jamie Crum; excellence English, Rehanna Callaghan; excellence senior art, Bridie MacFarlaine; achievement and excellence senior commerce, James Shaw; excellence senior social sciences, Jacob Young; commitment, endeavour and achievement senior physical education, Laura Winstanley; top graphics and design pupil, Rehanna Callaghan, Otago Polytechnic Scholarship, Mitchell Patrick; Breen Scholarship, Jamie Crum; Sir George Seymour Scholarship, Nicole Davidson.

Year 11

11K: Vaughan Edwards, diligence practical science; Phoebe Harrington, diligence English; Kathleen McKenzie, diligence practical science; Jacy O'Brien, diligence correspondence legal studies; Cassie Pye, diligence correspondence legal studies; Mike Rowland, diligence history; Jenni Tucker, diligence correspondence media studies; Ariana Bellaney, diligence physical education, home economics; Wayde Marshall, diligence Gateway, level 2 correspondence automotive studies; Chelsea Schwass, diligence geography, science; Gemma Ellis, diligence English, home economics, correspondence technology design; Stephanie Ellis, diligence geography, home economics, correspondence technology design; Bianca Healey, diligence English, economics, correspondence legal studies; Ally Carline, diligence science, graphics and design, visual art, Otago-Net history; Kelsey Alexander, diligence history, mathematics, science, correspondence music, Otago-Net biology; David Beck, diligence practical mathematics, practical English, information management, graphics and design, art; Craig Birch, diligence history, English, economics, science, Otago-Net accounting; Vicki Hanley, diligence English, economics, mathematics, science, digital technologies; Jordan Milne, diligence geography, English, home economics, mathematics, science, digital technologies, distinction in geography, 1st in home economics; Tomas Burai, diligence English, mathematics, science, Yr 12 computing, Yr 12 geography; distinction in English, mathematics, science, Yr 12 computing, Yr 12 geography; 1st equal mathematics, graphics and design, 1st equal Yr 12 geography; Jonathan Smith, diligence English, geography, physical education, science, visual art; distinction in English, geography, physical education, science, visual art; 1st visual art, physical education, science, geography.

11E: James Buchanan, diligence level 2 agriculture; Chris Drummond, diligence geography; Luke Pyper, diligence physical education; May Fox, diligence geography, science; Amy Sutherland, diligence Gateway, visual art; Brandon Jackson, diligence geography; distinction geography; Hannah Moyle, diligence English, mathematics, accounting; distinction mathematics; Gabe Eden, diligence mathematics, science, graphics and design, Yr 12 computing; Jacinda Morton, diligence English, geography, physical education, mathematics, science, distinction mathematics; Sophie Patton, diligence accounting, science, Digital technologies, correspondence Commerce; distinction accounting; 1st digital technologies; Caitlin Walker, diligence geography, accounting, physical education; distinction geography, accounting, physical education, mathematics; Sammie Gordon, diligence economics, physical education, mathematics, science; distinction economics, mathematics; 1st equal economics; Liam Crum, diligence economics, science, graphics and design, Yr 12 computing; distinction economics, science, mathematics; 1st equal mathematics; Rachel Clark, diligence English, economics, physical education, mathematics; distinction English, economics, history, physical education, mathematics; 1st English, history, 1st equal economics.

Year 12

12J: Tom Marnane, diligence geography; Liam Paish, diligence geography; Lucy Webb, diligence tourism; Tyla Quaid, diligence geography, Yr 13 economics; Rachel Forsyth, diligence home economics, Gateway; Chanel Schippers, 1st art (painting); Carlin Sugrue, diligence outdoor education; 1st outdoor education; Arran Smith, diligence computing; distinction computing; 1st computing; Jonathan Streeter, diligence English, computing, chemistry, visual art; 1st art (design); Josh Thompson, diligence mathematics, Yr 13 geography; distinction chemistry, mathematics, Yr 13 geography; 1st chemistry, mathematics.

12G: Sam Drummond, diligence English; Billy Howie, diligence English; Danielle Silvester, diligence English; Timo Steiner, diligence visual art; Josh Honeybone, diligence English; Summer Clark, diligence English, chemistry; Matt Anderson, diligence tourism, media studies, materials technology; Mitch Decke, distinction outdoor education; Blake Bingham, diligence Gateway; 1st Gateway; Nicole Davidson, diligence tourism; distinction in tourism; 1st tourism; Hugh Cocks, diligence accounting, mathematics, physics; distinction in accounting; Leroy Bird, diligence physics; distinction chemistry; 1st physics; Will Douglas, diligence physics, graphics and design; 1st English, graphics and design; Ryan Green, diligence materials technology, mathematics, food technology; distinction materials technology; 1st materials technology; Annabel Campbell, diligence English, mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, computing; distinction in mathematics; 1st biology; Zoe Fitzgerald, diligence geography, English, home economics, mathematics, Yr 13 economics; distinction geography, mathematics, home economics; 1st home economics; David Borrie, diligence geography, English, mathematics, physics, graphics and design, physical education; distinction geography, mathematics, physical education; 1st physical education, 1st equal geography.

Year 13

13H: Kate Harrington, diligence geography, English; Liam Macleod, diligence art, ASDAN gym programme; Benjamin Elliot, diligence geography, economics, tourism; Morgan Bathgate, diligence history, calculus, statistics, chemistry, physics; Adrienne Gooden, diligence English, history, geography; distinction English; Rehanna Callaghan, diligence graphics and design, physics; 1st English; Bridie MacFarlaine, diligence geography, English, statistics, art; distinction geography, statistics; 1st visual art; Jamie Crum, diligence geography, calculus, statistics, chemistry, physics; distinction in geography, statistics, physics; 1st physics, calculus, chemistry, statistics, geography; Maitland Preston, diligence materials technology; Rosa Steentjes, diligence geography; Craig Steer, diligence materials technology; Rianne Walker, diligence geography; Grace Mazengarb, 1st outdoor education; Ella Pragier, 1st Yr 12 practical maths; Emma Pendreigh, diligence computing, tourism; Joel Neilson, diligence English, statistics, computing, Music; Mitchell Patrick, diligence English, materials technology, statistics, outdoor education; James Shaw, diligence history, geography, English, economics, statistics; distinction geography; 1st economics; Jacob Young, diligence history; distinction in history, statistics; 1st history; Laura Winstanley, diligence English, biology, physical education, statistics, chemistry; distinction English; 1st physical education; Josephine Rehor, diligence biology, statistics, chemistry, art, economics, Yr 12 practical English, 1st biology, Yr 12 practical English.

Premier awards

Contribution school sporting life, Rachel Clark.

Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Gold Awards: Adrienne Gooden; Bridie MacFarlaine; Laura Winstanley; Hunter Jackson.

Top academic pupil year 11, Tomas Burai; top academic pupil year 12, David Borrie; responsibility and leadership years 11-13, Joel Neilson; contribution college life, Laura Winstanley; proxime accessit, Jacob Young; dux, Jamie Crum.




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