Otago Boys' High School prizes

Timothy  Chisholm
Timothy Chisholm
Otago Boys' High School held its prizegiving recently.

The prize list is. -

Dux: Timothy Chisholm (1st physics, 1st chemistry, 1st calculus, 1st statistics, 1st biology, 1st equal earth and space science); proxime accessit: Andrew Girvan (1st equal accounting, 1st computing, 2nd calculus, 2nd equal maths with statistics, 2nd equal physics, commendation chemistry)

Premier awards
Henry Alexander (University of Auckland chancellor's award top Maori and Pacific scholar); Timothy Chisholm (University of Otago academic excellence scholarship); Thomas Mottershead (University of Otago performance scholarship); Ordynant (CJ) Sopoaga (University of Otago Maori and Pacific Island entrance scholarship); Jordan Tewhaiti-Smith (University of Otago Maori and Pacific Island entrance scholarship, commitment to learning and service to community); Tama Robertson (University of Otago leaders of tomorrow scholarship); Rhys Bayly (head boy); Henry Alexander (deputy head boy); Sekonaia Pole (deputy head boy); Connor Blackie (best all round boy); Henry Hailes (head of School House); Mohanrao Ramarao (School House top scholar); Sio Tomkinson and Joshua Petermann (Otago High Schools Board scholarships); Rickie Wilson (courage); Elliot Munro (health sciences scholarship); Hamish Lilley (community service)

OBHS foundation scholarships
Cameron McMahon (scholarship to study engineering at Canterbury University); Simon Eton (scholarship contribution to school music and to study law); Foundation Staff Scholarship awarded to Tony Gabbusch.

Special prizes
Ned Spencer (German Embassy prize); William Pelet (French, student council citizen award for community leadership in action and service); Scott Bezett (memorial cup science); Ali Harris (metal project); William Perry (wood project); Nathan Lee (year 13 commerce); Jason Kim (year 11 essay); Sam Young and Andrew Kennedy (year 12 English literature); Yang Li, Patrick Sinclair (creative writing); Kalin Geisreiter (year 12 essay); Tyler West (year 13 essay); Connor Houston (library); Yang Li (debating); Tama Robertson (oratory); Hamish Lilley, Marco Taiaroa, Thomas Mottershead, Simon Eton, Callum Fisher, Jonathan Atfield, Sam Crosson, Matariki Pakaua (contribution drama); Connor Blackie (Dunedin Repertory Society); Zac Seales (Keith Tannock and Donald Ellis cup for drama); Reynard Dain, Oliver Cathro, Callum Hartstonge, Henry Hailes, Sekonaia Pole, Marco Taiaroa (commendation for contribution music); Nathan Lee (senior orchestra prize); Kalin Geisreiter (band cup); Connor Blackie, Zac Seales (senior singing trophy); Johnny Mottershead (intermediate violin scholarship); Reynard Dain (senior violin scholarship); Thomas Mottershead (Peter Warwick memorial trophy); Connor Blackie (music prize); Connor Blackie, Nick Alexander, Callum Fisher (Battle of the Bands).

Junior leadership awards
Tim Adler; Taine Bayly; Zade Fairweather; James Foxton; Eddie Grant; George Hall; Tom Hanson; Tim Hogan; James Holland; Ricky Jackson; Blair Kerley; Sam Kilsby; Cameron McAuslan; Emrys McNabb; Flynn Meyer; Jackson Miller; James Nind; Oliver Palmer-Hargreaves; David Pask; Alexander Roe; Aaron Roydhouse; Ben Sinnamon; Declan Su'a; Joshua Sutherland; George Thomas; Carlssen Van Royen; Thomas Walsh; Samuel Wardhaugh. Year 11Commendations: Ewan Adam (mathematics); Ben Affleck (economics, physical education); Ben Alexander (history, science); Nicholas Anderson (accounting, history, science); Thomas Baker (level 2 mathematics); Christian Blackie (physical education) Joel Blackley (English, metal products design, science); Fin Booth (science); Liam Bright (science); Joshua Buchan (physical education); Blake Buttar-Scurr (economics, English, mathematics); Kabe Calder (physical education); Jacob Carruthers (history); Alexander Chambers (science); Thomas Chin (mathematics, music); Daniel Clark (mathematics, physical education); Daniel Cleminson (mathematics, wood technology); Diego Condino (English, history); Will Cottle (English, mathematics, science); Tim Crampton (English, science); Sam Cuthbertson (metal products design, science); Zachary Dobbie (mathematics); Glenn Donaldson (wood technology); Tarras Duncan (English, metal products design); Mackenzie Faulks (mathematics, physical education); Joseph Filipo (mathematics); Sam Gordon (media studies, mathematics); Jesse Gray (catering, mathematics); Thomas Hatherly (mathematics); Nicholas Henderson (agriculture, physical education); Jade Higgan (mathematics), Jack Hosking (mathematics, science); Will Hunter (mathematics); Brett Johnston (wood technology); Nick Johnston (computer studies, te reo Maori); Sam Johnston (English, mathematics, physical education); Paul Jolly (science); Tokerau Joseph (metal products design); Tamati Karetu-Taylor (mathematics, te reo Maori); Paden Kennedy (computer studies, physical education); Ben King (accounting, history, science); Jordan Lennon (physical education); Corey Lewis (economics, English, mathematics); Gene Mace (media studies, science, music); Jamie MacDonald (metal products design, catering); Riley MacPherson (agriculture); Slade McDowall (metal products design); Cameron McKay (economics); James McNeilly (French, mathematics, science); Jacob Middleditch (English); Musashi Miyakawa (ESOL); Yuta Mogi (ESOL); Taine O'Callaghan (science); Matariki Pakaua (science, music); Jarrell Pattison (mathematics, science, physical education); Alfred Pettitt (physical education, science); Zachary Roulston (agriculture, mathematics); Kalib Rule (art); Reuben Russell (computer studies); Hemaua Samasoni (physical education); Heta Scarf-Matthews (art); Jesse Scott (wood technology); Kerwin Simmons (English); Alexander Simpson (economics, history, graphics); Hamish Sinclair (mathematics, wood technology); Nicholas Smart (wood technology); Harry Smith (mathematics, science); Jack Smith (physical education); Alex Stephenson (German); Gideon Stevenson (ESOL); Corey Thomson (English, wood technology); Sam Timmins (economics, science); Jonathon Turner (history, English, media studies); Robbie Watson (English, mathematics, media studies); Nathaniel Weston (economics, science); Jarrod Whitaker (English); Liam Whittaker (physical education); Rickie Wilson (mathematics); Taine Wilson (mathematics); Ryan Wooltorton (wood technology).

Good work prizes
Sam Angus (accounting, English, mathematics, physical education); Thomas Bowman (mathematics, Te Reo Maori, science, economics); Bailey Brandham (accounting, economics, English, level 2 mathematics, physical education); Sam Crosson (economics, English, geography, mathematics); Tobias Flatley (accounting, economics, geography, science); Fraser Howie (English, French, history, mathematics, science); Calum Gordon (economics, history, English, mathematics, science); Jason Kim (English, graphics, mathematics, science, art); James Kingsland (computer studies, English, German, science); Jack Lim (English, level 2 mathematics, music, science, art); Eddie Lu (economics, level 2 mathematics, music, science); Jordan Macdonald (English, geography, mathematics, media studies, science, music); Mitchell McCutcheon (accounting, economics, English, mathematics, physical education); Drew McTaggart (economics, geography, mathematics, science); Henry Mullen (economics, English, mathematics, science); Finian Sinnott (English, mathematics, music, science); Ethan Stevenson (accounting, English, mathematics, science); Luke Williamson (accounting, te reo Maori, English, metal products design).

Good work prizes (2nd in class and commendations): Braeden Crake (2nd equal accounting, 2nd graphics, commendations mathematics, science, art); Jacob Dickson (2nd equal accounting, commendations history, English, mathematics, science, music); Nate Everett (2nd music, commendations English, German, art);Liam Guthrie (2nd equal media studies, commendations history, science); Max Harvey (2nd equal media studies, commendations history, English, mathematics, physical education, science); Reuben Knox (2nd computer studies, commendations English, mathematics, science); Lachie McGregor (2nd catering, commendation wood technology); Hugh McLeod-Jones (2nd te reo Maori, commendations history, mathematics); Jaydin McMullan (2nd equal wood technology, commendations accounting, computer studies, mathematics, science); Hamish Shea (2nd agriculture, commendation English).

Subject prizes (1st in class and commendations): Henry Allison (1st computer studies, commendations English, mathematics), Josh Barclay (1st catering, commendation science); Scott Bezett (1st equal English, 1st media studies, 1st mathematics, 1st equal science, commendations computer studies, music); Dylan Buttar-Scurr (1st economics, commendations accounting, English, mathematics, science); Otto Dove (1st equal metal products design, commendations French, geography, mathematics, science); Korako Edwards (1st te reo Maori, commendations English, geography, mathematics, physical education, science); Harry Freeth (1st art, commendations graphics, mathematics); Josh Gale (1st German, commendations economics, English, mathematics, science); Ben Guest (1st equal English, 1st graphics, 2nd art, commendations economics, level 2 mathematics, science); Nicholas Krause (1st equal history, 1st equal science, 2nd mathematics, commendations economics, English, art); Jordan McEntee-Walters (1st equal physical education, commendation mathematics); Zane McEwan (1st accounting, 1st equal physical education, 2nd economics, commendation mathematics); Malcolm McIver (1st equal physical education, commendations computer studies, science); Johnny Mottershead (1st equal French, 1st music, 2nd level 2 mathematics, commendation history); Matthew Pulford (1st agriculture, commendation metal products design); Henry Ryan (1st equal metal products design, commendation English); Cole Scammell (1st wood technology); Tristan Stevenson (1st equal French, 2nd German, commendations English, mathematics, science); Philip Trebilco, 1st equal history, 1st equal geography, commendations economics, English, mathematics, science); Aarie Verwey (1st equal geography, 2nd equal wood technology, commendations English, graphics, mathematics, science).

Year 12
Owen Adams (English); Nick Alexander (music); Josh Bates (computer studies); Jordie Beres (metal products design, mathematics); Jack Boyd (economics, physical education, mathematics); Kadin Brocks (sport); Charlie Burton (English); Kerry Cameron (physics); Daniel Campbell (media studies, mathematics); Jonathan Chang (history, mathematics); Varosit Chirachon (mathematics, music); Nathan Cubitt (geography); Hamish Cuthbert (physical education); Rhodmar Dain (art, ESOL); Reynard Dain (catering, earth and space science); Elliott Decastille (mathematics); Jaden Dowling (English); Josh Finnie (accounting, graphics, mathematics); Nathan Foley (physics, mathematics); Alex Frood (geography); Josh Fyfe (gateway); Thomas Gordon (agriculture); Jacob Hamer (sport); Callum Hartstonge (music); John He (physics, computer studies, biology); Monty Hewitson (media studies, mathematics, art); Matt Hooper (wood technology); Ali Johnston (computer studies); Will Kindley (physical education, economics); Hamish Lewis (chemistry, physics, mathematics); Sam Lowe (physical education); Darius Ludke-Takurua (agriculture); Yamato MacKenzie (metal products design); Reece Mau'u (sport); Torquil McLeod-Jones (mathematics); David Muir (music, art); Anaru Parata (English, mathematics, art); Mathew Patekalani (mathematics); Tima Patekalani (mathematics, year 11 science); Mitchell Pomeroy (mathematics); Luke Railton (graphics, mathematics, art); Ben Roth (history); George Sammons (media studies, art); Ruben Scarlet-McRae (English, mathematics); William Scown (music); Brad Sharp (computer studies, mathematics); Cameron Shearer (English, physical education, mathematics); Jack Squire (metal products design); James Stevenson (accounting, English, physics); Gongrui Sun (chemistry, physics, mathematics); Andrew Trembath (history, physical education, biology); Benjamin Wardhaugh (English, physical education, economics); Matthew Watts (history, mathematics, biology); Thanitsapol Wongchun (mathematics); Tony Wu (English, physics).

Good work prizes: Scott Adler (chemistry, history, French, mathematics, biology); Hamish Fitchett (chemistry, economics, physics, mathematics,biology); Michael Hawkins (English, history, mathematics, biology); Benoit Hayman (chemistry, economics, French, biology); Willie Huang (chemistry, economics, English, physics, history, mathematics); Josh Kim (chemistry, physics, physical education, mathematics, biology); Hamish Lilley (earth and space science, mathematics, biology, wood technology); Warren Penaia (chemistry, English, physics, physical education, mathematics, biology); Kevin Stitely (chemistry, English, physics, history, mathematics); Jano Swart (chemistry, physics, metal products design, mathematics); Michael Williams (chemistry, economics, English, sport, physics, mathematics).

Good work prizes (2nd in class and commendations): Joseph Brown (2nd German, commendations chemistry, economics, English, biology); Bryden Campbell (2nd gateway, commendation catering); Jack Christmas (2nd equal wood technology); Sean Densem (2nd equal wood technology); Callum Fisher (2nd equal media studies, commendation music); Jonny Hart (2nd equal computer studies, commendations accounting, physics, economics, mathematics); Nicholas James (2nd equal computer studies, commendations chemistry, economics, English, physics, mathematics); Bailey Kenny (2nd agriculture); Jeff McAlpine (2nd French, commendations chemistry, economics, mathematics, biology); Chris McNoe (2nd geography, commendation English); Jamie Olsen (2nd equal media studies, commendations English, computer studies, mathematics); Vorakorn Pornsirikul (2nd art, commendation graphics); Harrison Riddell (2nd accounting, commendations English, physics, physical education, mathematics); Patrick Sinclair (2nd equal physics, 2nd equal biology, 2nd equal English, 2nd economics, commendations chemistry, English, mathematics); Daniel Thomson (2nd graphics, commendations English, physics, computer studies, mathematics); Sio Tomkinson (2nd sport).

Subject prizes (1st in class and commendations); Jaafer Al Mahary (1st equal chemistry, commendations physics, computer studies, mathematics, biology); Logan Bain (1st agriculture, commendations English, sport, mathematics); Ted Brown (1st wood technology, commendations English, physics, physical education, mathematics); Ross Campbell (1st geography, commendations English, sport, physics); Oliver Cathro (1st equal earth and space science, 2nd music, commendations chemistry, English, biology); Scott Donaldson (1st catering, commendation mathematics); Kalin Geisreiter (1st metal products design, 1st music, commendations chemistry, English, physics, mathematics); Michael Gray (1st equal physical education, commendations chemistry, physics, history, mathematics); Matthew Heffernan (1st sport, commendations biology, wood technology); Rory Jackson (1st equal earth and space science, commendations accounting, English, computer studies, music); Pyo Kang (1st mathematics, commendations chemistry, English, physics, wood technology); Andrew Kennedy (1st economics, 1st equal history, 1st English, commendations chemistry, mathematics, biology); Yang Li (1st equal history, 2nd equal physics, 2nd equal biology, 2nd equal English, commendations chemistry, mathematics); Nikita Maximenko (1st art); Jaydon Mitchell-Gin (1st catering); William Pelet (1st equal chemistry. 1st physics, 1st French, 1st biology, 2nd equal English, commendation mathematics); Joshua Petermann (1st German, 1st equal physical education, commendations chemistry, economics, English, mathematics); Joel Smith (1st computer studies, 1st graphics, commendations physics, mathematics); Marco Taiaroa-Vargas (1st equal media studies, commendations physics, history, music); Ryan Thom (1st equal physical education, commendation English); Sam Young (1st accounting, commendations chemistry, English, physics, mathematics, biology); Josh Te Tau year 10 (1st year 12 te reo Maori); Taonga Te Moananui year 10 (2nd year 12 te reo Maori).

Year 13
: Jermaine Ainsley (sport); Cameron Angus (geography); Cory Armishaw (wood technology); Joseph Balloch (biology); Rhys Bayly (calculus, statistics); Luke Bishop (chemistry); Kalem Blackley (English); Mark Booth (level 2 English); Kesavaraj Chandraseagran (statistics); Paul Cromb (English); Max Dickson (calculus, statistics); Jordan Dickson (metal products design); Scott Donaldson (physical education); Taylor Dunn (media studies); Matthew Ellis (sport); Abdullah Faisal (physics); Tom Frood (English); Henry Hailes (music); Jack Harland (physical education); Lewis Jackson (statistics); Shaun Key (catering, computer studies); Jack Kirkwood (media studies); Darcy Knox (sport); Jamie Leen (earth and space science, mathematics); Winston Marshall (classical studies, mathematics); Riley McDowall (sport); Zac McGregor (art); Cameron McMahon (chemistry); Brendon Murdoch (sport); Jared Murray (level 2 English); Jack Nicholson (English); Tamati Parata (level 2 English); Oscar Reid (geography, physical education); Zac Seales (music); Baldev Singh (English); Benjamin Soffe (art); Masroor Syed Ahmed (earth and space science, statistics); Michael Thompson (level 2 English, metal products design); Greg Tweed (art); William Ung (media studies); Jack Waddell (physical education).

Good work prizes: Michael Baker (calculus, classical studies, physics, statistics); Mohanrao Ramarao (physics, chemistry, statistics, biology); Jared Darvill-Jackson (calculus, computer studies, chemistry, earth and space science, statistics); Michael Fox (economics, statistics, biology); Michael Gale (physics, chemistry, statistics, biology); Mitch Keenan (graphics, earth and space science, physical education); Arun Raju (graphics, physics, statistics); Michael Sharpin (agriculture, catering, gateway); Daniel Smart (classical studies, earth and space science, statistics, biology); Jesse Smith (catering, geography, physical education); Kierin Turner (calculus, physics, chemistry, statistics, biology).

Good work prizes (2nd in class and commendations): Ryan Adam (2nd geography); Henry Alexander (2nd equal physical education, commendations chemistry, statistics); Hisham Almansi (2nd ESOL, commendation statistics); Henry Ellis (2nd media studies, commendation catering); Simon Eton (2nd history); Tui Katoa (2nd sport); Davey Kengen (2nd metal products design, 2nd wood technology, commendation graphics); Au-Chen Lee (2nd equal physics, commendations calculus, chemistry, statistics); Makoto McLennan (2nd equal biology, commendations chemistry, English, statistics); Connor Offen (2nd art); Keegan Taig (2nd equal physical education, commendation mathematics).

Subject prizes (1st in class and commendations): Morgan Bartlett (1st graphics, commendations chemistry, history); Connor Blackie (1st physical education, 2nd music, commendations classical studies, biology); Timothy Chisholm (1st physics, 1st chemistry, 1st equal earth and space science, 1st calculus, 1st statistics, 1st biology); Eden Foster (1st equal catering, 1st media studies, commendation mathematics); Andrew Girvan (1st equal accounting, 1st equal computer studies, 2nd equal physics, 2nd calculus, 2nd equal statistics, commendation chemistry); Ali Harris (1st metal products design, 2nd economics, commendations calculus, physics, chemistry, statistics); Samuel Hopewell (1st equal agriculture, commendation physical education); Howie Hunter (1st equal computer studies, 2nd equal statistics, commendations calculus, physics, chemistry, English); George Latta (1st equal agriculture, commendations gateway, sport); Nathan Lee (1st equal accounting, commendations calculus, economics, chemistry, statistics); Thomas Mottershead (1st music, commendations calculus, physics, chemistry, statistics, biology); Elliot Munro (1st equal earth and space science, 2nd chemistry 2nd equal statistics, 2nd equal biology, commendations calculus, physics); William Perry (1st wood technology); Jeremy Phillips (1st equal catering); Sekonaia Pole (1st sport); Tama Robertson (1st economics, 1st history, commendations chemistry, statistics, biology); Jordan-Ari Robinson (1st art); Isaac Smith (1st geography, commendations accounting, English, statistics, biology); Ned Spencer (1st video conference German, commendations calculus, economics, statistics); Bowen Tan (1st ESOL); Kristian Tekie (1st equal classical studies, 1st English, commendation economics); Jordan Tewhaiti-Smith (1st te reo Maori, commendation statistics); Matthew Ward (1st equal agriculture, 1st gateway, commendation earth and space science); Tyler West (1st equal classical studies, 2nd English, commendations computer studies, history).

Cultural awards
Tom Bowman (kapa haka senior commitment and leadership); Sekonaia Pole, CJ Sopoaga (Pacific Island leadership); Kristian Tekie (Pacific island cultural group performance).

Sports awards
NZ representatives: Sam Timmins (basketball); Joe Cook-Green (basketball); Thomas Pratt (ice hockey); Ben Roth (ice hockey); Andrew Trembath (swimming and surf life saving); Sam Cuthbertson (motocross); Michael Grey (swimming); Marco Taiaroa-Vargas (NZ choir); Zac Seales (NZ choir); Henry Hales (music); Tim Chisholm (NZ academic); Tom Mottershead (NZ music); Daniel Smart (darts).

Special sports awards: Jamie Mowat (best all round sportsman); Daniel Cleminson (best all round racquet sports); Matt Ellis (year 13 member of 1st XV rugby and 1st XI cricket); Rhys Bayly, Taylor Dunn and Luke Le Brun (soccer and cricket); Hamish Sinclair (senior outdoor education prize).

Sports: Tamati Karetu-Taylor (intermediate sprints); Sam Timmins and Josh Buchan (intermediate field events); Christian Blackie (intermediate distance); Chris McNoe (senior sprints, senior distance); Zac Watt (year 12 field events); Matt Ellis (senior sprints); James McNichol (senior distance, 800m); Liam Rawstorn and Oscar Reid (field events); Liam Rawstorn (open high jump, most improved basketball player); Bailey Brandham (year 11 relay); Benjamin Wardhaugh (cross country); Hugh McLeod-Jones (field events); relay event won by Saxton House; Samuel Wardhaugh (intermediate swimming); Chris Dickie (senior swimming); Andrew Trembath (outstanding achievement swimming and surf lifesaving); Liam Guthrie and Ben Alexander (intermediate rowing); Jack Waddell (rowing Swivel trophy, dedication and commitment to rowing); Corey Lewis (stroke senior eight); Jack Boyd (rowing and academic achievement); Hamish Sinclair (senior coxswain); Cody McMullan (Ray Smith trophy and Greg Turner trophy for golf); Regan Cairns (intermediate golf); Harry Smith (senior golf); Jack Nichol (most improved hockey); Oscar Reid (hockey challenge cup); Aarie Verwey (golden hockey stick); Connor Blackie (best attacking forward); Jack Waddell (best defender hockey); Ben Roth (service to hockey); Hoana Iva-Keen (softball); Matt Watts (best all round contribution softball); Daniel Smart (darts); Daniel Cleminson (most valuable badminton); Hikaru Matsuo (team player badminton); Ali Harris (most valuable squash); Henry Hailes (senior singles tennis); Jacob Dickson and Henry Hodgson (senior doubles tennis); Kalin Geisreiter (smallbore); Jeff McAlpine (curling); Josh Finnie (cricket ball throw); Thomas Mottershead (senior chess); Warren Penaia (most valuable senior volleyball); Lloyd McGee (most improved volleyball); Mitchell Keenan (dedication to ice hockey); Howie Hunter (team contribution basketball); Sam Timmins (challenge cup basketball); Scott Adler (outstanding guard basketball); Darcy Knox (Ajax cup basketball); Cameron McMahon (outstanding contribution and most valuable player water polo); Heta Scarf-Matthews (most valuable player AFL); Nick Anderson (contribution to yachting); Fletcher Meyer (most dedicated yachtsman); Keegan Taig (most improved player association football); Jesse Smith (most valuable player association football); Lewis Jackson (golden boot 1st XI); Jack Kirkwood (senior cup association football); Josh Buchan (most promising back rugby other than 1st XV); Jarrell Pattison (most promising forward other than 1st XV); Sio Tomkinson (goal kicking rugby); Byron Aitken commitment and co-operation, dedication and sportsmanship other than 1st XV); Matt Heffernan (most promising loose forward); Riley McDowall (services to OBHS rugby club); Tom Frood (contribution to 2nd XV); George Latta (contribution to team performance); 1st XV (best performed team); Sekonaia Pole (captain 1st XV Messrs Morris challenge cup); Jamie Mowat (most improved player 1st XV); Jermaine Ainsley (most promising player 1st XV); Matt Ellis (dedication and sportsmanship rugby); Sio Tomkinson and Sekonaia Pole (best players rugby); Dylan Buttar-Scurr and Will Kindley (most improved players cricket); Ryan Adam (excellence in bowling); Michael Williams (Sonny Moloney batting award); Blake Buttar-Scurr (Sonny Moloney award for other than batting); Taylor Dunn and Kadin Brocks (excellence in fielding); Rhys Bayly (best batting performance, WJ Morrell challenge cup); Josh Finnie (best all rounder cricket); Trent Cairns and Luke Le Brun (dedication and sportsmanship cricket).

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