Roxburgh Area School prizes

Roxburgh Area School held its prizegiving recently. The prize list is. -

Senior scholar Samantha Grice
Senior scholar Samantha Grice
Year 9

Tori Coombes, merit hard materials technology, food technology; Toby Grice, merit PE; Tegan Jeffery, merit food technology, diligence; Joshua Johnston, merit hard materials technology, graphics, arts, drama; Jack Lennon, merit hard materials technology, graphics, PLP, food technology, diligence; Jonty McKinnel, merit English, maths, PE, diligence; Samuel Moir, merit social studies, maths, diligence; Zoe Moore, merit drama, PLP, diligence; Scott Muir, merit social studies; Ashlyn Reid, merit English, social studies, maths, graphics, drama, PLP, diligence, citizenship.

Year 10

Heather Dalley, merit graphics, diligence, citizenship; Sophie Duncan, merit English, maths, science, ICT, diligence; Briana Forbes, merit English, science, diligence, citizenship; Graeme Frame, merit hard materials technology; Brody Lovell-Arnesen, merit maths, diligence; Jessika Lynch, merit food technology; Josh McDougall, merit ICT; Ruby Parker, merit English, maths, hard materials technology, PE, ICT, arts, diligence, citizenship; Amelia Pasco, merit food technology, diligence; Tylah Sunderland, food technology; Johnathon Tumai, merit graphics; Rory Vernon, social studies, PE, diligence, citizenship; Romy Wales, merit English, maths, social studies, science, hard materials technology, graphics, arts, diligence; Lucas Yorston, merit SPEC, diligence.

Year 11

Emma Grice, excellence maths, geography, merit English, science, PE/LS, diligence; Erina Jeffery, merit English, geography, PE/LS, ICT, diligence, citizenship; Emma Lennon, excellence PE/LS, merit English, geography, diligence, citizenship; Zack Minter, merit maths; Tahlia Moir, excellence English, maths, PE/LS, geography, merit science, VLN Music, diligence, citizenship; Mana Pounamu award; Anna Wise, excellence English, maths, science, geography, accounting, merit ICT, diligence.

Year 12

Mathew Barnett, excellence English, geography, VLN economics, merit maths, chemistry; James Botting, merit geography, VLN biology, citizenship; Bianca Cameron, excellence home economics, food technology prize; Abigail Dennis, merit English, citizenship; Sam Johnston, excellence engineering, national certificate in building, construction and allied trade skills (level 2); Shanna Moore, merit home economics, diligence, citizenship; Emma Parker, merit PE, diligence, citizenship, Young Enterprise award; Georgia Parker, Gateway achievement award, Young Enterprise award; Meghan Scanlan, excellence English, maths, chemistry, VLN biology, VLN economics, distance learning, merit VLN physics, diligence, citizenship, CETA medal; Boaz Turner, national certificate in building, construction and allied trade skills (level 2); Anthony Sim, excellence maths, chemistry, geography, merit English, VLN physics, diligence, citizenship; Ashley Sim, excellence maths, chemistry, geography, merit English, VLN physics, diligence, citizenship.

Year 13

Samantha Grice, excellence chemistry, merit English, PE, memento of school, citizenship, Class Act award; Kendall Johnston, memento of school, citizenship, National College of Tourism and Travel award, Young Enterprise award; Stacey Whitu, memento of school, citizenship, Mana Pounamu award.

Leadership awards

Ashley Sim, student representative on the BOT; Samantha Grice, Kendall Johnston, head pupils; Samantha Grice, leader of school council; Ashley Sim, most appreciated student; Anna Wise, senior public speaking; Tahlia Moir, contribution cultural activities; Kendall Johnston, Otago Polytechnic principals scholarship; Georgia Parker, He Whare Wananga award; Tahlia Moir, debating trophy; Meghan Scanlan, all-round participation; Kendall Johnston, leadership; Kia Wales, personal excellence; Alex Darling, participation and excellence yr 7-10; Samantha Grice, Central Lakes Trust scholarship, senior scholar (Dux), Otago University scholarship

Sports awards

Year 8: Lauren Kitto, netball; Max Duncan, rugby, cross-country; Kia Wales, cross-country, triathlon.

Year 9: Ashlyn Reid, athletics, netball; Samuel Moir, rugby, triathlon; Scott Muir, rugby; Jonty McKinnel, golf, triathlon, athletics; Jack Lennon, triathlon; Taylor Hair, special award tae kwon do.

Year 10: Amelia Pasco, swimming; Lucas Yorston, athletics; Romy Wales, athletics; Ruby Parker, netball; Sean Levien, tae kwon do; Rory Vernon, golf.

Year 12: Shanna Moore, athletics; Boaz Turner, rugby; Ashley Sim, rugby; Emma Parker, special award netball; Meghan Scanlan, special award netball.

Year 13: Kendall Johnston, volleyball, netball; Stacey Whitu, rugby.

Trophy awards

Summer sports: Anthony Sim, athletics senior boys, best cricketer, senior boys swimming, senior boys table tennis, senior boys tennis, senior boys badminton; Kendall Johnston, senior girls athletics, senior girls swimming, senior girls badminton; Abby Dennis, senior girls table tennis.

Winter sports: Tahlia Moir, attitude, improvement netball; Emma Parker, excellence, achievement netball; Shanna Moore, senior girls cross-country, rugby; Boaz Turner, senior boys rugby, outstanding achievement; Aidan Manderson, hockey.

Premier sports awards

Amelia Pasco, Ashlyn Reid, year 9-10 best all-round sportswoman; Max Duncan, Jonty McKinnel, year 9-10 best all-round sportsman; Meghan Scanlan, Emma Parker, contribution to sport; Meghan Scanlan, best all-round sportsperson.



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