South Otago High School junior prizes

South Otago High School held its junior prizegiving recently. The prize list is. -


Year 9

Class prizes: 9Bd, Jordan Beck (excellence), Reese Martin Zena McLay (merit), Alyssa Cu, Georgia Wilson (diligence); 9Bg, Harrison Lawrence (excellence), Jackson Gardner, Michael Purcell (merit), Kaylin McLevie, Tasmyn White (diligence); 9Pa, Simon Craig (excellence), Sophie Mills, Olivia Richardson, Jayden Stewart (merit), Kate Gold, Jesse Maher, Bailey Reichel (diligence); 9Pc Cody Forbes (excellence), Olivia Finney, Atawhai Hotene (merit), Laura Graham, Beth Gunn (diligence).

Module prizes: Bree Cross (merit Maori), Olivia Finney (excellence art), Cody Forbes (merit music), Jackson Gardner (merit physed), Kate Gold (excellence health), Tegan Gouman (merit physed), Laura Graham (merit hard materials technology), Sian Hepburn (excellence digital technology), Joshua Hill (merit physed), Mitchell Hollows (excellence art, design technology, health and physed), Atawhai Hotene (excellence physed), Samuel Keenan (merit physed), Jessica Kendall (excellence digital technology), Hannah Lee (excellence French), Jesse Maher (merit physed), Sophie Morrison (excellence hard materials technology), Bailey Reichel (excellence music), Olivia Richardson (merit French), Levi Robertson (merit design technology), Ani-Lee Sexton (excellence Maori).

Sports trophies: Jackson Gardner and Hamish Gillespie (doubles tennis champions); Hamish Gillespie (most improved hockey); Maxine Gray and Tayla Hannah (doubles tennis); Tayla Hannah (most improved hockey); Joshua Hill (contribution to U14 rugby, athletics champion), Mitchell Hollows (cross-country champion, physed best all-round boy), Atawhai Hotene (physed best all-round girl), Camden Jacobs (singles tennis champion, badminton champion, badminton doubles champion); Samuel Keenan (badminton doubles champion); Sarah Jessop (badminton doubles champion); Jessica Kendall (most promising rugby); Sophie Mills (most dedicated soccer) Olivia Richardson (badminton champion, badminton doubles champion); Tasmyn White (cross-country champion).Colts Girls)

Special awards: Best all-round academic, cultural and sporting effort, Virginia Sanders; speech, Sophie Mills; ALPS high achievers, Samuel Keenan, Sophie Mills, Sophie Morrison, Bailey Reichel, Olivia Richardson, Kate Robertson, Georgia Wilson.

Sport and cultural blues: Maxine Gray (guitar); Joshua Hill, Rory Hislop, Chase Owen and Brady Robertson (rugby).

Special award: Michaela Groenewegen (New Zealand junior record, model glider flying).


Year 10

Class prizes: 10Hv, Joshua Button (excellence), Caitlin Cook, Carys Denny, Hannah Watt (merit), Taylor Aitken-Boyle, Liam Burrow, Scott Lawrence (diligence); 10Ml, Kasey Cunningham (excellence), Abby Crawford, Anna Jenkins (merit), Ashleigh Awanui, Sarah Smith (diligence); 10Mt, Brittany Race (excellence), Leeanah Haitana, Vanessa Irwin (merit), Melissa den Baars, Matt Whaanga (diligence); 10Sl, Kate Sutherland (excellence), Kurtis Barlow, Susan White (merit), Sinead Grant, Em-J Uson (diligence).

Option prizes: Taylor Aitken-Boyle (excellence art and digital technology), Reece Anderson (merit hard materials technology), Ashleigh Awanui (excellence Maori), Kurtis Barlow (excellence physed and health), Jay Bichan (merit physed and health), Caitlin Cook (merit food technology and graphics), Carys Denny (excellence business enterprise), Katrina Hill (merit textile and design technology), Sarah Hutton (merit food technology), Robbie Lamond (merit physed and health), McLaren Mitchell (merit hard materials technology), Max Pennell (excellence hard materials technology), Brittany Race (merit art, physed and health), Kade Renouf (excellence graphics, merit business enterprise), Megan Robson (excellence food technology, merit drama), Mikayla Stoop (excellence art), Kate Sutherland (excellence physed & health), Em-J Uson (excellence French, literacy), Rory van Vugt (merit physed and health), Hannah Watt (excellence digital technology), Liam Whitmore (excellence drama, merit music), Hayley Witt (merit digital technology).

Sports trophies: Caitlin Cook (under-14 athletics champion, excellence netball), Tyler Hammer (athletics champion, field events), Scott Lawrence (all-round sportsmanship), Ryan Lee (junior athletics champion), Mary McGimpsey (junior athletics champion, cross-country champion), Max Pennell (most improved cricket), Bailey Rutter (equestrian, highest placing one-day eventing), Rory van Vugt (junior cross-country champion), best all-round under-15 sport), Matt Whaanga (contribution, under-15 rugby), Susan White (contribution hockey, most dedicated cricket), Hayley Witt (contribution soccer).

Special awards: Best all-round academic, cultural and sporting effort, Caitlin Cook; speech, Leeanah Haitana Teina; service to the South Otago Maori community, Leeanah Haitana Teina; drama performance, Mary McGimpsey; writing, Mikayla Stoop; music, Liam Whitmore; ALPS high achievers, Taylor Aitken-Boyle, Caitlin Cook, Aleisha Cunningham, Scott Lawrence, Stephanie-Anne Ross and Hannah Watt.

Sport, cultural blues: Abby Crawford (golf), Tyler Hammer (athletics, rugby), Robbie Lamond (rugby), Mary McGimpsey (athletics), Max Pennell (rugby), Bailey Rutter (equestrian, hockey), Rory van Vugt (rugby, touch), Matt Whaanga (rugby, touch), Susan White (hockey).


Year 11

Commendable achievement: Erica Bisset (art, English), James Botting (engineering technology), Brayden Brice (engineering technology), Mark Briones (accounting), Luke Campbell (alternative science, communication English), Boyu Chen (English for speakers of other languages), Haylee Crawford (alternative maths), Stacey Cross (communication English), Amber de Geest (art, English, geography), Rhyanon Dennison (agriculture, horticulture), Abby Erwood (physed), Jessica Fossey (English), Aaron Hayes (building technology), Kaylin Hepburn (food, nutrition), Mikayla Latta (economics, maths, stats), Renee McGowan (food and nutrition), Ella McKinney (alternative science), Megan Morrison (physed), Nicole Nicolson (digital technology), Georgia Redshaw (history, soft material technology), Susan Ruffell (Maori), Mya Sanders (music), Logan Stewart (physed, science), Jordan Stoop (alternative maths), Nikitah Thompson (communication English), Hope White (food, nutrition), Joel White (physed), Samara Willocks (maths, stats, physed, science).

Merit, excellence: Zac Fitzgerald-Geddes (merit building technology), Guy Holden (merit engineering technology), Lee-Anne Kruger (merit drama), Stephen Purcell (merit English), Cleighton Bunting (merit maths & stats, commendable achievement geography), Mavis Gunn (merit agriculture, horticulture, commendable achievement geography), Shantel McGregor (merit text & information management, commendable achievement alternative maths), Cassie Walter (merit communication English, commendable achievement agriculture, horticulture, text and information management), Dayna Williamson (merit food and nutrition, commendable achievement digital technology, history), Tegan Hollows (merit English, commendable achievement economics, physed, science), Nazmun McNaught (merit communication English, commendable achievement graphics, alternative maths, soft material technology, text and information management), Rebecca Stark (merit geography, physed), Mathew Botting (excellence agriculture, horticulture), Mackenzie Gardner (excellence digital technology, commendable achievement English, science), Aimee Hewson (excellence geography, commendable achievement accounting, maths and stats), Sophie Erwood (excellence physed, merit geography), Liam Morahan (excellence alternative science, merit building technology), Benjamin Williamson (excellence history, merit science, commendable achievement French, maths and stats), Rebecca Slattery (excellence art, merit geography, science), Jessie Clark (excellence English, merit French, history, music), Hayley Smith (excellence accounting, merit digital technology, maths and stats, science, commendable achievement geography, English), Ireland Jacobs (excellence art, merit digital technology, economics, English, science, commendable achievement maths, stats), Danielle Vreugdenhil (excellence accounting, economics, maths and stats, science, merit physed, commendable achievement English), Ryan Powell (excellence art, English, graphics, maths and stats, physed, science).

Sports trophies: Sophie Erwood (tennis doubles champion), Aaron Hayes (sportsmanship hockey), Aimee Hewson (rugby most improved girls' 1st XV), Tegan Hollows (girls' rugby player of year), Mikayla Latta (most promising touch player, best all-round under-15 girls' sport), Liam Morahan (rugby most improved 2nd XV player), Raiden Pennicott and Hayley Smith (badminton mixed doubles champions), Rebecca Stark (tennis champion, tennis doubles champion, squash champion), Joel White (most dedicated cricket), Nathan White (soccer commitment 1st XI).

Special awards: Jessie Clark (best contribution to music, female), Zac Fitzgerald-Geddes (building), Guy Holden (engineering), Ireland Jacobs (excellence art, contribution to community), Lee-Anne Kruger (speech), Tyson McKenzie (Te Putai Tahuna Taonga, boys), Danielle Vreugdenhil (sport, academic effort & achievement), Dayna Williamson (food and nutrition).

Sport, cultural, academic blues: Jessie Clark (academic), Abby Erwood (netball), Sophie Erwood (netball), Tegan Hollows (rugby), Ireland Jacobs (academic), Mikayla Latta (touch), Megan Morrison (netball, touch), Raiden Pennicott (rugby), Ryan Powell (academic), Rebecca Slattery (academic), Hayley Smith (academic), Rebecca Stark (netball), Danielle Vreugdenhil (academic), Joel White (rugby), Nathan White (rugby), Benjamin Williamson (academic), Damian Wilson (rugby).


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