St Peter's College prizegiving

St Peter's College, Gore, held its prizegiving recently. The prize list is. -


Dux: Keith O'Connor; proxime accessit: Joshua Sutton.


Year 13

Taylor Archer (leader year 13, co-recipient leadership cup); Amethyst Baker (food technology, softball girls' service, achievement); Oliver Carran (religious education, leader sport, achievement, contribution sport, sports blue, contribution music, sport); Kavan Chay (diligence, contribution college); Erica Cormack (diligence, leader student council, student leadership and academic focus); Jack Doncaster (head boy, boys' hockey most improved player, blue academic, emerging leaders' scholarship, engineering high achievers award); Brenna Dunlop (best gateway placement); Morgan Fraser (U15 rugby most improved player); James Gardyne (diligence, leader student council, award personal integrity); Angus Garrity (senior boys' athletics champion, soccer player of year); Grace Goldsmith (history, excellence senior history, diligence); Robert Gregory (outstanding contribution Young Farmers Club, sports blue); Bryony Harrison (leader culture, cultural blue, senior Eisteddfod champion); Sapphire Hunia (tourism student of year, service choir); Jessica Jacquier-Phillips (head girl, emerging leaders' scholarship); Bridget Johnston (sports blue, most improved shooter smallbore rifle shooting); Aleisha Keown (product/fashion design); Sam Keyse (leader student services, Christian service); Veronica MacKenzie (diligence, leader special character, academic blue, cultural blue, service public speaking , service cultural activities); Emma Martin (most promising netball umpire, sports blue); Katie McCabe (leader student services, social justice); Brooke McFaul (Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award silver and gold); Liam Meikle (leader special character, boys' hockey player of year, academic blue, high achiever scholarship); Alice Millar (visual arts, visual communication and design, pioneer women's scholarship); Kendall Millar (most improved player girls' basketball, best gateway placement, blue cultural); Nicholas O'Connell (contribution college); Keith O'Connor (calculus, religious education, economics, academic blue, excellence public speaking, excellence dramatic performance, engineering high achievers' award); Michael Paterson (biology, geography, diligence, leader year 13, service boys' hockey, co-recipient leadership cup, academic blue); Tori Peeters (diligence, physical education, digital technologies, leader sport, senior girls' athletics champion, netballer of year, sports trophy girls, sports blue, academic blue); Joshua Sutton (chemistry, physics, religious education, statistics and modelling, diligence, excellence senior mathematics, academic blue); Essie Van Zuylen (excellence senior English, leader culture); Joshua Vosawale (service rugby, First XV rugby player of year; sports trophy boys; excellence sport and leadership, hostel young achiever, sports blue); Erin Walsh (travel and careers training tourism).


Year 12

Holly Archer (First XV girls player of year); Daniel Bastiaansen (product design, diligence); Danialah Bourke (food technology, diligence); Reagan Brown (softball boys' service, achievement); Hunter Calder (English, diligence); Eilish Cameron (visual arts painting, most improved netballers, service student wellbeing, academic blue); Shannah Corcoran (most promising girls' rugby player, cultural blue); Rachel Cormack (travel and careers training); Emma Heads (digital technology); Meredith Fraser (religious education, physical education, diligence); Sebastian Goldsmith (chemistry, mathematics, academic blue, excellence sciences); Vanessa Harvey (music, visual arts photography, cultural blue); Laura Irwin (mathematics, visual communication and design, geography, physics, academic blue); Kieran Lloyd (First XV rugby most points in season); Chelsea Marlow (diligence); Logan McSoriley (most improved First XI cricketer of year); Eden Millan (contribution netball, sports blue); Mitchell Newton (service boys' basketball, sports blue); Sasha Nicholson (biology, religious education, diligence, senior girls' cross-country champion, service netball, service girls' basketball, most improved referee basketball, academic blue); Morgan Pearce (history, accounting, religious education, diligence, accounting, academic blue, cultural blue); Phoebe Pullar (college hockey club player of year, sports blue); Natasha Roughan (English, diligence, academic blue); Stuart Smith (senior boys' swimming champion); Andre Waller (outdoor pursuits and cup).

Year 12 top scholar: Sebastian Goldsmith.


Year 11

Georgia Babe (diligence); Mitchell Bone (business studies, most improved player boys' basketball); Olivia Brock (diligence); Katrina Carpenter (service hostel community senior); Troy Collins (senior boys' cross-country champion, most improved player First XV rugby); Sian Davis (visual communication and design, English, diligence, senior girls' swimming champion, Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award silver); Laura Deaker (religious education, visual arts, diligence); Liam Delahunt (player of year junior rugby U15); Hope Glover (Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award silver); India Henry (physical education, diligence, U16 girls' athletics champion, Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award silver); Jefferson Highsted (diligence); Kristian Highsted (U16 boys' athletics champion, diligence); Bridget Hurrell (history, English, diligence); Rhianna Hutchins (music, diligence); Calum Irwin (mathematics, religious education, English, product design and manufacturing, mathematics, science); Georgia Johnston (diligence); Blake Lloyd (service cricket); Tayla Marlow (geography, mathematics, diligence, Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award silver); Sarah Martin (diligence); Anna Maslin (diligence, Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award silver); Amy McCabe (diligence, Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award silver); Rebekah Meikle (technology); Tegan Murrell (agriculture); Olivia Nicholson (diligence); Alice Robertson (diligence); Jonathan Sutton (digital technology, mathematics, diligence); Emily Welch (food technology, mathematics, religious education, history, diligence).

Year 11 top scholar: Calum Irwin.


Year 10

10CH: Erika Burdon (commerce, health, science, social studies, Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award bronze); Shannon Harvey (diligence); Mark Hurrell (most improved player U15 rugby); Georgina Jackson (Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award bronze); Courtney Kelly (diligence); Lucy Keyse (textiles technology, Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award bronze); Devin Kubala (English, mathematics, Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award bronze); Renee Moyles (diligence); Hayley Nicholson (physical education); Slade O'Connor (food technology, religious education); Nicole Reed (diligence, Eastern Southland Women's Hockey Assn junior, Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award bronze); Shaye Taylor (intermediate boys' cross-country champion); Jack Tippett (materials technology, visual communication and design).

10LM: Hayley Instone (science); Michaela Kelly (Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award bronze); Eveline Levett (English, intermediate girls' cross-country champion); Max MacGibbon (Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award bronze); Maggie McPhail (health, U15 girls' athletics champion); Alice Perniskie (mathematics, social studies, Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award bronze); Austin Smith (Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award bronze); Jose Stuart (religious education, Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award bronze); Jordyn Taylor (physical education, U14 girls' athletics champion, Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award bronze); May Terry (Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award bronze); James Young (digital technology).

10SP: Madison Chamberlain (visual arts); Kirby Cleland (Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award bronze); Ciara Doncaster (English, social studies, Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award bronze); Kalib Edwards (mathematics, religious education, science); Hunter Hape-Cramond (U14 boys' athletics champion); Daniel Hall (physical education); Sarah Keyse (diligence, Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award bronze); John MacKenzie (Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award bronze); Kate Martin (Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award bronze); Jessica Millar (Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award bronze); Bradley Pearce (diligence); Sophie Pearce (Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award bronze); Kirsten Roughan (health).

Year 10 top scholar: Kalib Edwards.


Year 9

9ME: Ella Brown (health); Lukas Chay (intermediate boys' swimming champion); Brodie McIntosh (food technology, visual arts); Rachel McKinlay (food technology); Matthew Neil (diligence); Mackenzie Nicholson (English, mathematics, religious education, science, social studies, visual communication and design); Regan Pearce (physical education); Rebecca Shaw (diligence); Ashleigh-Marie Smith (digital technology); Kelsi Sommerville (music).

9RK: Krystella Baker (food technology, science, spirit of St Peter's cup); Adam Deaker (diligence); Jessica Green (diligence); Zara Lawlor (diligence); Valentina Laws (social studies, French); Bliss B Legayo (English, mathematics, religious education); Joshua McKenzie (physical education, music); Maredudd Murrell (visual arts, visual communication and design); Ryan Nicholson (health, digital technology); Jaymee Robinson (diligence).

9SG: Olivia Archer (diligence); Reece Butler (player of year U14 rugby); Elloiza Enriquez (visual communication and design); Rose Ewing (diligence); Caleb Henry (physical education, science); Jenny Mitchell (digital technology, English, food technology, visual arts, intermediate Eisteddfod champion); Breanna Reed (diligence); Mathew Shields (health, music); Matthew van't Wout (mathematics, religious education, social studies).

Year 9 top scholar: Mackenzie Nicholson.


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